J. Axel - Keep Receiving (Plastic City. Play)

J. Axel – Keep Receiving (Plastic City. Play)

“Start Receiving”, released 2009 on Plastic City, is an extraordinary Deep House album. Through the strait structures of the arrangements the voices of both vocalists are able to breathe while the romantic and melancholic synthesizer combinations create a wide and strong background for the melodies they create. In the instrumental tracks Jonathan Axelsson aka J. Axel draws fields of emotional colours that are opening like huge blossoms. Between Lounge and Deep House Jonathan turns every stone and discovers little dimensions he explores with his synthesizers. “Start Receiving” is a really big album that hits heart, body and soul directly. On this Album, J.Axel also featured the Sumatra born vocalist Astrid Suryanto, who worked with Victor Calderone, John Digweed or The Prodigy’s Neil McLellan so far. They started working together and Statra Records released their first production “You Give Me (Love)”. But one more female voice supports a track on the album: the voice of Stockholm based Zemya Hamilton. Zemya Hamilton releases singles and albums since 1989 on labels like Sonet Grammofon, WEA, EastWest or Warner, where she published her album “Trollbunden” in 1993. In june 2010 J. Axel comes back with four brand new remixes, taken from the current album, bundled as “Keep Receiving”.

Available Format: mp3.