Audio Lotion talks about the new album "Bad Timing"

Audio Lotion talks about the new album “Bad Timing” For more than ten years, Audio Lotion have been inspiring the press to storms of superlatives: „The perfect lounge sound“, „Music that belongs to the daily needs like eating and drinking“, „Absolutely necessary for heart and ears“, „Refreshing“, „Pleasant“, „Relaxing“, „Sensual“, and „Sexy“. And as the icing on the cake, Audio Lotion’s music found its way into the queen of lifestyle TV series: Sex and the City. However, their fifth album “Bad Timing” deserved even more superlatives: the duo from Zurich puts into motion a one-hour power plant of feelings. A musical thriller that sends a neuronal firework from the brain stem into the cortex and produces fantastic images and stories. “Bad Timing“ is eustress with its most positive (scientifically proven) effects on body and soul. The album motivates and stimulates.

Interview: Audio Lotion talks about “Bad Timing”.