Instant Pleasure - Make It Right (Plastic City. Play)

Instant Pleasure – Make It Right (Plastic City. Play)

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Instant Pleasure a.k.a. Jørn Johansen has been producing music since the mid 90’ies. He had his first release on Plastic City in summer 2001 with his “Catch A Groove” single. Since then Jørn Johansen hasn’t produced any music. So after almost a decade of absence from the music scene he felt it was about time to start producing again. A view month ago we found his new demo in our mailbox and of course we get in contact with him (again). This is the story behind the “Let´s Ride EP” which was released in december 2009. His trademark is still a groovy and melodic orientated sound. In 2010 he comes back with his new release called “Make It Right” – again on Plastic City.

Available Format: mp3.