Naomi talks about "The Big Shapes" (Mole Listening Pearls)

Naomi talks about “The Big Shapes”
A glorious chorus, which, once heard, you’ll never get out of your ears again. A not less striking, powerful beat that sounds like a reminiscence of Phil Collins’ most energetic moments. And the heart-rending story of a great love that cannot be. In short: a favorite song. “Morning Belle” is the new single by the Berlin electropop duo Naomi, as typically original as it is compellingly destined for the charts, a roaring harbringer of the new album “The Big Shapes”. Naomi have been known for their flair for soft melodies, but this time songwriter and sound hacker Bernd Lechler and Nico Tobias seem to have thrown all noble reservations overboard: like “The Big Shapes“, the whole new album sounds wilder, flashier, tighter, it oscillates between being spartanic and opulent, black-and-white and color, fun and profundity, pop and prog – a goody bag and a great accomplishment.

For more info about the album and the new songs, please listen to: Naomi talks about “The Big Shapes”.