DJ Nob Tee aka Dugsoul – Soul Eyes (Mole Listening Pearls)

The Japanese artist DJ Nob Tee aka Dugsoul is a musician since the 80’s. Living in Osaka (Japan), he was originally influenced from R&B, Soul and Funk. He also formed a successful funk-band in which he played the guitar. In the beginning of 2001 he released his first single “Comic Pink” on Mole Listening Pearls. In 2004, his first album “One Scenary In My Lifetime” was released under the pseudonym “Dugsoul” in Japan. He said about his own: “I had to do an important decision. Should the party of the life continue? I conclude that life is a dance”. Since today he is a well respected DJ in Japan. His style do DJing is passionate, deep and groovy. “If you feel something when you dance, I´m happy. I wish sincerely to express my gratitude to you and your friends. I´m still making music today because it´s me. Eight years later, his next singles “Sunny Day” and “Rainy Day” were released. Since than, he is working on his new album, which will be released on Mole Listening Pearls. The EP “Soul Eyes” show some first tracks from his current work. With this release he show us again, that he can perfectly mix jazz harmonies with modern electronic sounds.

Available format: mp3

Sergio Fernandez & D Low – Tentaciones (Plastic City. Play)

Sergio Fernandez is one of the most relevant electronic artists of our times. During the last years he has received several nominations, granted by Spanish Deejay and DJ1 Mags, for best Spanish DJ, Best Progressive & Tech House DJ, best Tech House producer, best tech house track – with “El Son te Llama” on Spinnin Records, best remix – with “Unforgettable Summer 2010 Vision Main Mix” on Insert Coin Records, and best breakthrough label – with his own imprint Insert Coin Records. He has already released two fantastic albums “Mob Rule” 2008 and “Angel or Demon” 2010, on one of the most prestigious labels, UK imprint Baroque Records. Both were critically acclaimed and recieved commercial success. By the end of 2009, Chris Lake found Sergio Fernandez´s talent asking him to remix his new single together with Deadmau5 “I Said” for Mau5trap Records. He has also released original works and remixes on the best international labels, such as Toolroom, Cr2 and of course, his own label Insert Coin Records. Many of Sergio Fernandez’s works have become hits and are fully supported by heavyweights such as Richie Hawtin, Roger Sanchez, Dave Angel etc… D Low practiced the ¨megamix¨ technique with cassettes at age of ten. At 14 he gets his first mixer. One year later hestarts playing at small clubs. A view years later he started organizing his first rave parties. He creates the promotion collective “Suburban Sound”, which organized open air parties for 2000 people and guests as Airwave, Luke Chable, Simon & Shaker. In 2007 he creates Musica Moderna DJ Agency among Rafael Perez and Carlos Rubio. The agency received the deejaymag 2008 award for best national booking agency. In 2009 he creates ALMA soul music among the argentine producer plaupez.. The label includes productions from artists like Jon Gurd, Gramophnedzie, Flavio Lodetti, Los Updates, and its supported by artists like Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Gabriel Ananda, Ben Watt,… He hosted many radio shows from 2004 until now in stations like Zona FM, Evolution FM and actually hosts Musica Moderna Radio Show on Global FM.

Available Format: mp3.


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