Tojami Sessions talks about “The Next Ten Years” Tojami Sessions is a collaboration project of Tom Bucher, Michel Niepenberg and Jacek Darnowski and represents the diversity of house music. Michel and Jacek have been producing together since about 1992. As a duo, their first release was in 1997 on G.E.M. sub label Hey Babe!, followed by productions for Frankfurt’s Raum…Musik using the pseudonym „Skiebäck“. Tom joined the crew in 1999 as a professional drum player – the Tojami Sessions trio was born and released on “In Between Entertainment”, “Raum…Musik” and “Separe’ Rec.” until Steve Bug signed Tojami Sessions in the mid of 2001 for Dessous Recordings. 2010 Tojami Sessions will start their comeback – this time on Plastic City. With their new album “The Next Ten Years” Frankfurt based trio Tojami Sessions represent the latest house and tech house music at its best with a lot of references to classic house music. The project, consisting of Michel Niepenberg, Jacek Darnowski and Tom Bucher, was founded by Michel and Jacek in 1992. They always tried to combine all the characteristics of house music. With their releases on raum…musik, Separé, In Between Entertainment and Dessous and as well on Plastic City, they released in the beginning of 2010 the digital EP “Jazzbox” and the digital release “Backup” in spring, they proved their instinct for pure and intelligent tracks.Link: Tojami Sessions talks about “The Next Ten Years”.

One of the most successful Dj’s and producers of the nineties presents his new album on Harthouse: Miro Pajic. As ‘Miro’ he played at the biggest international raves, under aliases like ‘Hypnotizer’ he characterized rave and hardcore and released on labels like Kiddaz.FM, ToraToraTora, Tic Tac Toe, Proper N.Y.C., Things To Come and his own imprint Laserzlut, of course. With his new album he is blowing up the boundaries of minimal techno. The architecture of his ten tracks is as manyfold as the philosophic interpretations of room and time in general like the physicists are speculating about a multiverse. Every sample, every little designed sound is at its place and could never be somewhere else. Thus Miro Pajic creates moods between reading romantic poems, floating in weightnessless and exploring new worlds of perception. Thus the intro of the first track ‘(Welcome) Bubblehead’ reminds to the first scene of the movie ‘Alien’ where a nearly poetic and romantic music supports the pictures of the awakening crew. Then he sets a highlight with the very sexy ‘Do It’ (feat. Joody). Concentrating on beats basses and science fiction sounds he gives the vocals enough room to unfold their atmospheric effects. Miro Pajic has the ability to give his tracks a certain tightness by giving them a little kick in the ass at the right moments. So the synth line in ‘Evacuate The Equator’, the dry beats in ‘Collide’, the melody in ‘Octopusm’ or the razorsharp percussions in ‘Dusty Star’ are surprising elements. Furthermore Miro gives his tracks a deepness that seems to be bottomles. This album really is a little treasure of minmal techno music where you will explore new things everytime you listen to it.Free Download: Do It (Alt Mix)

Ever felt that life is a long and steep road, a neverending fist fight against an invincible opponent, a romance against all odds? Well, so does the hero in the video for Dragon Tree, the brilliantly catchy new single by Berlin synth-pop outfit NAOMI. No, make that two heroes – Bernd Lechler and Nico Tobias have a habit of doing everything together, so for the first time in pop video history all members of a band are taking turns playing the main character. And what a day the guy has to survive, involving getting fired, beaten, wet, lost, and knocked out. And when he attempts to regain his pride by trying to get drunk, stoned and laid (in no particular order) at night, the results are mixed, if foreseeable. Quite unlike the place he comes to in the morning, which is higher than he thought he might get. At least he’s not alone. Or is he? It’s never been easy to climb the Dragon Tree.

Taken from the album: The Big Shapes
Pictures from the video shooting: Dragon Tree
More information about the band: Naomi @ Mole Listening Pearls

Currently, you can finde fourteen digedo releases from the labels Plastic City, Memento Records, Playhouse, 4In4Out Music, Circle Music and Tronic Soundz in the top 100 Beatport Tech-House and Deep House Charts:Tech-House Charts:# 38: Terry Lee Brown Junior – Bohemian Life (Plastic City)# 39: The Timewriter – Pasadoble (Junior Gee Remix) (Plastic City)# 53: The Timewriter – Pasadoble (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix) (Plastic City)# 66: Terry Lee Brown Junior with Greg Parker – Ego Expedition (Plastic City)# 75: Brett Jacobs & Sully – Take Time (4In4Out Music)# 89: Aki Bergen – Do It Up (Plastic City)# 93: Gorge & Andre Hommen – Hakunyo (Ray Okpara) (Tronic Soundz)# 98: Terry Lee Brown Junior – Neutral – Plastic City (Plastic City)Deep House Charts:# 25: Marco Effe – Sexgas (Paco Osuna & Andrea Introvigne Remix) (Memento Records)# 33: Marco Effe – Sexgas (Original Mix) (Memento Records)# 73: Terry Lee Brown Junior – Tribe (Plastic City)# 92: LoSoul – btw (Plein Soleil Remix) (Playhouse)# 95: Daniel Bortz – I Am Looking (LoSoul Remix) (Circle Music)# 97: Terry Lee Brown Junior with The Timewriter – It Startet Right Here (Plastic City)


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