Free Download: Miro Pajic - Do It (Alt Mix)

One of the most successful Dj’s and producers of the nineties presents his new album on Harthouse: Miro Pajic. As ‘Miro’ he played at the biggest international raves, under aliases like ‘Hypnotizer’ he characterized rave and hardcore and released on labels like Kiddaz.FM, ToraToraTora, Tic Tac Toe, Proper N.Y.C., Things To Come and his own imprint Laserzlut, of course. With his new album he is blowing up the boundaries of minimal techno. The architecture of his ten tracks is as manyfold as the philosophic interpretations of room and time in general like the physicists are speculating about a multiverse. Every sample, every little designed sound is at its place and could never be somewhere else. Thus Miro Pajic creates moods between reading romantic poems, floating in weightnessless and exploring new worlds of perception. Thus the intro of the first track ‘(Welcome) Bubblehead’ reminds to the first scene of the movie ‘Alien’ where a nearly poetic and romantic music supports the pictures of the awakening crew. Then he sets a highlight with the very sexy ‘Do It’ (feat. Joody). Concentrating on beats basses and science fiction sounds he gives the vocals enough room to unfold their atmospheric effects. Miro Pajic has the ability to give his tracks a certain tightness by giving them a little kick in the ass at the right moments. So the synth line in ‘Evacuate The Equator’, the dry beats in ‘Collide’, the melody in ‘Octopusm’ or the razorsharp percussions in ‘Dusty Star’ are surprising elements. Furthermore Miro gives his tracks a deepness that seems to be bottomles. This album really is a little treasure of minmal techno music where you will explore new things everytime you listen to it.Free Download: Do It (Alt Mix)