Maybe you had an affecting and great year like us. We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy and successful new year 2011. Also we want to say “thank you” to all of you for the support and the help and for the interest in our artists and music, to intergroove and digedo for the great distribution job, to our international partners for the great support, the strong partnership and the close collaboration and specifically to our artists which provide us with great new tracks and songs.
The interface between Satellite and deeep was programmed in autumn 2010, but finally the store opens in the beginning of 2011. Satellite has a long history in the electronic music scene in New York City. Satellite Productions was founded by Jonathan Kadish and Scott Richmond in 1992. Over the years, the iconic company produced such events as Sputnik and Voyager in venues like the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage, Roseland, The Manhattan Center, Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Asbury Park Convention Center and more. This paved the way for them to found Satellite Records the following year with locations opening in NYC, Boston, Atlanta and, of course, online. Scott served as CEO and main music buyer. Satellite helped set the standard for dance music retail with their innovations in classification, listening stations, selection and sound samples.

In conjunction with the store, Scott also co-founded Central Park Recordings in 1999. At Central Park, Scott helped discover and break such talents as Tortured Soul, Alix Alvarez and Osunlade. Many house classics over the past few years have originated from the label including Tortured Soul’s “I Might Do Something Wrong.” Additionally, Scott was the co-A&R behind Pitch Black and Pipeline Records, which released many progressive classics and discovered and featured such artists as Blackwatch, Moshic, John Creamer & Stephane K and several others.

Plastic City. Revised

When the inventors of Plastic Plastic Citys sub-label “Play“ looked back, they realised, that the imprint has just reached the mark of the 100 releases! Time for them to come up with something special. A wealth of beautiful and amazing remixes were released here in recent years on various singles. Almost all of them found their place on playlists known compilations or DJ’s, but as always, some of the tracks doesn´t come into the right spotlight, as they deserve. So the team selected the best remixes from the last few years to present a nice overview of remix works. It does not matter whether the Swayzack remix of Terry Lee Brown Junior’s “Across the Ocean,” the playful Greenskeeper remix of Soda Inc’s “Full Moon”, the dreamy DJ Yellow remix of Nacho Marcos “Estefania” or the funky Terry Lee Brown Junior version of Gui Boratto’s “It’s Majik” listens – the very special high-quality sound from Plastic City and its artists is really obvious remarkable. Don´t you think so?

Available formats: CD, mp3.

Written in both Paris and New York City, his third album “In the Mood for Life”, which also include the song “Dragon Chasers”, is an organic landscape with orchestral accents. Taking its cues from Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop or 60s Pop Music, this is one eagerly awaited 52 minute journey. Who else than this necromancer of forgotten melodies can assemble such a wide array of influences and make them coexist with such ease? On Wax Tailor album melancholic melodies reminiscent of The Cocteau Twins strike a delicate balance with a brand of Hip-Hop seldom seen since the days of Jurassic 5. Wax Tailor also masters the art of reinventing oneself, and although his signature sound is immediately identifiable, this new album establishes a true evolution both in terms of production and song writing. Sting instruments, which were once just extras, now assume a more prominent role (Dry Your Eyes, Go Without Me). Where genres once crossed path from one track to another, they now collide within a track (This Train, Fireflies). The resulting sound is denser, more organic as well (Leave It, I Own You, Dragon Chasers) and the song writing more finely chiseled.

Taken from the album: In The Mood For Life
More information about the artist: Wax Tailor @ Mole Listening Pearls