Video: Wax Tailor feat. Charlotte Savary - Dragon Chasers

Written in both Paris and New York City, his third album “In the Mood for Life”, which also include the song “Dragon Chasers”, is an organic landscape with orchestral accents. Taking its cues from Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop or 60s Pop Music, this is one eagerly awaited 52 minute journey. Who else than this necromancer of forgotten melodies can assemble such a wide array of influences and make them coexist with such ease? On Wax Tailor album melancholic melodies reminiscent of The Cocteau Twins strike a delicate balance with a brand of Hip-Hop seldom seen since the days of Jurassic 5. Wax Tailor also masters the art of reinventing oneself, and although his signature sound is immediately identifiable, this new album establishes a true evolution both in terms of production and song writing. Sting instruments, which were once just extras, now assume a more prominent role (Dry Your Eyes, Go Without Me). Where genres once crossed path from one track to another, they now collide within a track (This Train, Fireflies). The resulting sound is denser, more organic as well (Leave It, I Own You, Dragon Chasers) and the song writing more finely chiseled.

Taken from the album: In The Mood For Life
More information about the artist: Wax Tailor @ Mole Listening Pearls