Out now! Pastic City. Revised

Plastic City. Revised

When the inventors of Plastic Plastic Citys sub-label “Play“ looked back, they realised, that the imprint has just reached the mark of the 100 releases! Time for them to come up with something special. A wealth of beautiful and amazing remixes were released here in recent years on various singles. Almost all of them found their place on playlists known compilations or DJ’s, but as always, some of the tracks doesn´t come into the right spotlight, as they deserve. So the team selected the best remixes from the last few years to present a nice overview of remix works. It does not matter whether the Swayzack remix of Terry Lee Brown Junior’s “Across the Ocean,” the playful Greenskeeper remix of Soda Inc’s “Full Moon”, the dreamy DJ Yellow remix of Nacho Marcos “Estefania” or the funky Terry Lee Brown Junior version of Gui Boratto’s “It’s Majik” listens – the very special high-quality sound from Plastic City and its artists is really obvious remarkable. Don´t you think so?

Available formats: CD, mp3.