Introducing the innovative New York based download store Satellite

The interface between Satellite and deeep was programmed in autumn 2010, but finally the store opens in the beginning of 2011. Satellite has a long history in the electronic music scene in New York City. Satellite Productions was founded by Jonathan Kadish and Scott Richmond in 1992. Over the years, the iconic company produced such events as Sputnik and Voyager in venues like the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage, Roseland, The Manhattan Center, Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Asbury Park Convention Center and more. This paved the way for them to found Satellite Records the following year with locations opening in NYC, Boston, Atlanta and, of course, online. Scott served as CEO and main music buyer. Satellite helped set the standard for dance music retail with their innovations in classification, listening stations, selection and sound samples.

In conjunction with the store, Scott also co-founded Central Park Recordings in 1999. At Central Park, Scott helped discover and break such talents as Tortured Soul, Alix Alvarez and Osunlade. Many house classics over the past few years have originated from the label including Tortured Soul’s “I Might Do Something Wrong.” Additionally, Scott was the co-A&R behind Pitch Black and Pipeline Records, which released many progressive classics and discovered and featured such artists as Blackwatch, Moshic, John Creamer & Stephane K and several others.