Maybe you had an affecting and great year like us. We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy and successful new year 2012. Also we want to say “thank you” to all of you for the support and the help and for the interest in our artists and music, to intergroove (physical) and digedo (digital) for the great distribution job, to our international partners for the great support and the strong partnership and specifically to our artists which provide us with great new tracks and songs.

The Japanese artist DJ Nob Tee aka Dugsoul is a musician since the 80’s. Living in Osaka (Japan), he was originally influenced from R&B, Soul and Funk. He also formed a successful funk-band in which he played the guitar. In the beginning of 2001 he released his first single “Comic Pink” on Mole Listening Pearls. In 2004, his first album “One Scenary In My Lifetime” was released under the pseudonym “Dugsoul” in Japan. He said about his own: “I had to do an important decision. Should the party of the life continue? I conclude that life is a dance”. Since today he is a well respected DJ in Japan. His style do DJing is passionate, deep and groovy. All 14 songs on the new album by DJ Nob Tee on Mole Listening Pearls “Dear My Soul” are trying to visualize the sound of the soul. The soundtrack for a movie. The scenes of a journey into everyday life, which is composed of memories together. “Sometime” is one of these scenes.

Taken from the album: DJ Nob Tee aka Dugsoul – Dear My Soul

Francesco Bonora – Hard Work (Plastic City. Play)

Born in 1984 and hailing from Bologna, Italy, Francesco Bonora is currently considered one of the most interesting talents in Deep House. Francesco began his electronic music adventure in 1999 at the age of 15. Two years later at the age of just 17, Francesco earned a regular residency at famed European club, Cocoricò. During Francesco’s residency, many quickly noticed his talent behind the decks, allowing Francesco the opportunity to play alongside some of the of the biggest techno & house DJs in the world. His eclectic and driving selections, with a unique ear for many different styles has helped Francesco focus and develop his productions, allowing Francesco to release his first single in 2006. Since then, Francesco has had many successful releases. The years 2009 and 2010 have been clutch for Francesco, with important releases and charts in many “top 100″ of the main digital shops. During the following years Francesco has released various 12″ and digital MP3s with important artists and remixers, such as Marcin Czubala, Rick Wade, Pezzner, Felipe Venegas, Dave Ellesmere, Daniel Sanchez, James Teej, Dani Casarano, SCSI-9, Karol XVII & Mb Valence, Alejandro Vivanco, Jorge Savoretti, UGLH, El Mundo & Satori, Samuli Kemppi. In addition, Francesco had the chance to remix artists like Maya Jane Coles, M.In, Patrick Zigon, Jeff Bennett, UGLH, Cosmic Cowboys, and Thyladomid. Recently, the Bolognan has seen his work featured on Plastic City, Restructured, Back And Forth, Hohenregler, Abstract Theory and Etichetta Nera.

Available Format: mp3.


Drehwerk – Sittin On Da Groove (Plastic City. Play)

Andreas K. and Sergej K. – better known as Drehwerk – came into contact with electronic music very early on. Andreas, whose work as a light and sound designer at different events gave him many insights into the DJ scene, soon became a familiar name in electronic music. He began pursuing his interest in the genre by creating his own first tracks on his computer before turning to DJing. He made his debut as a DJ in 2002, playing his first technoid sounds at various clubs. It wasn’t long before his enthusiasm spilled over to his younger brother, Sergej, who started off rocking the turntables – and the crowds – with house sound in 2005. After some time, they decided to launch a joint project, which they dubbed Drehwerk, to bring their distinct flavour to the musical world. What they achieved was a groovy driving style inspired by Chicago and Detroit House with modern elements of Techno and Miniaml, a unique sound experience created from their depth of feeling for the music! In 2006 they start with their first digital EP, which took the clubs by storm and also hit high in the Beatport, Juno and iTunes charts. Today, Drehwerk are working on their vinyl releases together with Brothers Vibe on Mixx Records, New Jersey and Artists from Frankfurt like Chris Wood, Meat and Dorian Paic for the Vinyl Labels Houseworx, Underground Ltd and Inclusion Records.

Available Format: mp3.


Uptrax provides a platform for musicians, producers, labels and fans. Unknown newcomers have here the chance to publish their tracks and introduce them to a large audience. By voting titles into the charts, you have a direct influence on the music of the future and the trends of tomorrow. Your favorite tracks are available to download as MP3s. The producers among you have the chance to receive a recording contract or airplay on a “real” radio outlet. Membership is free of charge. Registration is easy. Membership benefits: You can upload tracks, vote, and participate in board discussions, etc. The period to determine the charts compiled on a Tuesday is always exactly one week. All downloads and votes the track received during this week are calculated for points. After the chart assessment, the points for each track are reset to 0 and the assessment starts anew for the following week. The track is awarded one point per download and per vote. Reviews are not part of the chart assessment, but are means of constructive criticism, praise, improvement suggestions, etc. A special feature of “uptrax” is the radio chart show on radio “Sunshine live”. Every Sunday afternoon, the top titles of Electronica uptrax charts are introduced and thus broadcast in entire Germany and Europe (satellite). Which tracks this charts contain is up to you, the uptrax member. You decide the chart ranking by voting and downloading and thus the radio play. Radio Sunshine live is Germany’s largest and best known radio outlet for electronic music. The uptrax show is broadcast every Sunday between the hours of 3 pm and 4 pm (MEZ). Each week, the first three tracks of the Electronica charts go to the playlist for the Sunday’s uptrax broadcast on Sunshine live. Additionally, “new entries” are added and the winners are moving to the rotation.For more information please visit:


We´re proud to announce, that the new “Sunshine live, Vol. 40″ compilation, which was digitally released on the 16th of December 2011, already reached top-positions in the top downloadstores in Germany, for example:Sunshine live, Vol. 40 @ iTunes:# 78: Album Charts# 07: Dance Album ChartsSunshine live, Vol. 40 @ Musicload:# 38: Musicload Album Charts# 14: Musicload Dance ChartsSunshine live, Vol. 40 @ amazon.mp3:# 32: Top 100 mp3 Album Charts# 08: Top 100 mp3 Dance Electronic Album ChartsRadio Sunshine live is the biggest electronic music radio station in Germany. Electronic music, 24 hours a day, which makes the program of Radio sunshine live unmistakable. You can listen to Radio Sunshine live viw FM in Germany (Baden-Württemberg and parts of Hessen and Rheinland-Pfalz), in Berlin (Germany) also via DVB-T, in the German cable network, via satellite in Europe and worldwide via the Internet. Because of this, Radio Sunshine live is also one of the most important interfaces in the communication between producers, DJs, promoters and between the advertising industry.
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For 5 years now DJ Nartak has been the sound pilot of the weekly program “Nightflight” on Klassik Radio. During the years a whole sound cosmos has taken shape, which stays unparalleled in the German communities. DJ Nartak is popular yet respected for his courage to lead into the depths of musical spheres, where genre boundaries dissolve and blend together in unexpected lightness. That is precisely why at Klassik Radio his skills are in the right place, because here young listeners learn to appreciate classical arrangements and instrumentation through modern ambient music. This maturation process can also be found in Nartak’s compilations. After the acoustic journey through the deep sea on predecessor Volume 03, the immensity of the night sky now takes center stage: Heavenly sounds and distant worlds that fascinate and give a slight idea of the inconceivable silence of the universe. Myriads of light spots in the sky, sparkling, mysterious, alluring, like the sounds DJ Nartak has chosen for his Nightflight Vol.04. Even for experts of the Chillout and Lounge scene, this compilation is a real asset. Artists from all around the world, stars from different scenes fit together in weightless elegance.This Nightflight has an air of the extraordinary, like a constant, joyful discovery of new spaces. Its great strength lies in the atmospheric perfection, majestic and sublime like the night sky. Please take your time to holistically feel both CDs. You will be refreshed, rejuvenated, and return to Earth with charged batteries and the feeling of mental stimulation. Prominent pre-test listeners have already called it the best DJ Nartak compilation ever. It seems that the “pearl diver” has made his name.Listen: Klassik Lounge Nightflight Vol. 04 (Lemongrassmusic) @ iTunes

This song just entered the official German Media Control single charts on position #100: FFF (= F*****, FRESSEN, FERNSEHEN) … and this is just the beginning… Once you hear and view it, it will inevitably draw you into it’s orbit. FFF captures you with it’s Zeitgeist. The number of video viewers on Youtube is constantly clicking upwards. More than 2.500.000 viewers visit the “Konsumwelt Channel” so far. In Switzerland, it entered the Top Ten dance charts before even one DJ promo took place. By now, it’s known that the artists are Eichensohn & Davenstedt. But exactly who are the creative minds behind it ? An FFF communtiy has emerged on Facebook and Twitter with hundreds of fans and supporters following the latest comments and tweets. One thing is already certain: FFF is a totally exceptional song, not only for DJ’s: FFF is music for the masses ! Harder, more cutting, more explosive then anything up to now. Discover your true self in FFF and live by it.
FFF 4 EVER! You can purchase the track FFF on seven different release packages: 1. International Version (incl. 9 International Languages) 2. Deutsche Version (incl. 9 German Versions) 3. Club Version (incl. Terror Twinz and Dirt OnE Remixes) 4. Censored Version (English) 5. Zensierte Version (German) 6. The Update (incl. Metal and FFFunky Versions) 7. Remixes (incl. Rico Bernasconi, Dirt One, Selecta & Sigi Di Collini and Sonik Remixes) Homepage: Konsumwelt, home of Eichensohn & Davenstedt

YouTube: Konsumwelt TV

Facebook: Eichensohn & Davenstedt | Konsumwelt

Here’s a song everybody is talking talking in the moment: FFF (= F*****, Fressen, Fernsehen). Once you hear and view it, it will inevitably draw you into it’s orbit. FFF captures you with it’s Zeitgeist. The number of video viewers on Youtube is constantly clicking upwards – in the moment more than 70.000 viewers day and more than 2.500.000 viewers in total so far. In Switzerland, it entered the Top Ten dance charts before even one DJ promo took place. By now, it’s known that the artists are Eichensohn & Davenstedt. But exactly who are the creative minds behind it ? An FFF community has emerged on Facebook and Twitter with hundreds of fans and supporters following the latest comments and tweets. One thing is already certain : FFF is a totally exceptional song, not only for DJ’s : FFF is music for the masses ! Their are also versions of the song in the dialects of Swabia, Berlin, northern Germany and Saxony as well as translations into French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Turkish and even Russian and Japanese. The clubbers will freak out for certain and the man on the street will be infected by it. FFF reaches across generations and has all the potential for a Nr. 1 ! Harder, more cutting, more explosive then anything up to now. Discover your true self in FFF and live by it!Currently, the track FFF reached the following positions and still climbing everywhere:

German Single Charts:
# 100 FFF @ Media Control Single Charts

iTunes Charts Germany:
# 122 FFF (Extended Version) @ iTunes Charts (tracks)

iTunes Germany Dance Charts:
# 20 FFF (Extended Version) @ iTunes Dance Charts (tracks)
# 91 FFF (Radio Edit) @ iTunes Dance Charts (tracks)
# 34 FFF (Deutsche Version) @ iTunes Dance Charts (bundles)

German amazon Dance & Electronic Charts:
# 85 FFF (Radio Edit) @ amazon Dance & Electronic Charts (tracks)

YouTube: FFF @ Konsumwelt Channel

For more info: Eichensohn & Davenstedt | Konsumwelt