Märtini Brös were always a spearhead. Without reservations to pop both Berliners are one of the most entertaining House live Acts and one of the most many-sided producers of the scene. Mike Vamp and DJ Clé are innovative as expertly. Mike Vamp published his first album in 1986, at the beginning the 90th he worked as a guitarist with the Spacecowboys where he also got to know DJ Clé.In 1998 Märtini Brös began first as a DJ team and played live for for the first time the film premiere of “Lola Rennt” on Popkomm. The first single appeared on the Raw Element label of Steve Bug, the debut album follwed in summer 2002 on Poker Flat. Märtini Brös were touring live around the whole planet, did two more albums, Remixe and other studio work in all possible genres in Electronica, Dance, Down-and Upbeat. In 2010 the new even more open minded sound range also was the reason to search a new homebase for Märtini Brös. As a result it’s just consequential that the new album found it´s way to Mole Listening Pearls. For more info about the band: Märtini Brös
More Pics: Press Pics “Moved By Mountains”

Lukas Greenberg – Attention Musique (Plastic City. Play)

After his successful debut on Plastic City in 2007 with his first two EPs “What A day” and “Behind Doors” and the following album “Rhode´Stories”, Nikolas Jakoby a.k.a. Lukas Greenberg definitely is one of the most liked “new habitant” in the city. He started his career in the early 90ies as a hip hop dj and played at famous venues like the tresor, 90Grad and KitCat. Quite a lot residencies and years of dance floor experience brought him to own productions which he started on an Atari Mega 2. He founded his label “Synphon Records” and received remix requests from Peter Schilling and Budai & Vic amongst others. With his albums “Rhode´Stories” and “Prisoner With A Key”, Lukas Greenberg verify his sense for high quality listening stuff. He rolls out his musical range while connecting all tracks like writing a book and rides on a wave of downbeat, electro, house, easy listening and some more ingredients which make you feel comfortable about listening to the albums again and again. On the “Attention Musique”, taken from the album “Prisoner With A Key” you can find the original club mix together with two additional remixes from The Timewriter and Greenster.

Available Format: mp3.