Strict Border - Superstitious (Plastic City. Play)

Strict Border – Superstitious (Plastic City. Play)

Although working from different continents with a time difference of eight hours and a half was hard at times, the Canadian-based duo (Amirali Shahrestani and Iman Habibi) saw it as a worthy challenge. Rather than back down at times when WAV files took up to an hour to upload with slow internet connections in Iran, the guys approached the challenge with tremendous interest and felt more and more confident with each step they took. Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and many other web sites are filtered by the government of Iran, making it hard for someone in the music industry and in constant need of the internet to keep up and move on. Despite strict laws and the threat of government censorship, Strict Border with the help of anti-filters and proxies to access the web world were able to work together and produce music. Amirali Shahrestani and Iman Habibi were drawn together by their shared passion and love for electronic music. Music and nightlife inspired both of them from early on. They have built a reputation as hottest upcoming techno and house artists. The pair dived to the forefront of dance music in February 2009 and has achieved extensive recognition in fewer than three months since they joined forces in Tehran. Sadly the guys had to part ways shortly after meeting in Tehran as Iman currently lives in Tehran and Amirali had to go back to Toronto. After the successful debut release “Body Cure” on Plastic City in autumn 2010, they strikes back with a brilliant new release for your body, mind and soul.

Available Format: mp3.