Currently, you can find nine digedo tracks from labels like Streetheat Music, UCA, Mole Listening Pearls and SedSoul in the top 100 Beatport Funk/R&B Charts:Funk/R&B Charts:# 07: Stretch – Why Did You Do It? (Streetheat Music / UCA)# 10: How Gee – Sax Machine (Streetheat Music / UCA)# 12: XL – Take 5 (Kool Summer Mix) (Streetheat Music / UCA)# 18: The Lushlife Project – The Mashroom Man (Gábor Deutsch Remix) (Mole Listening Pearls)# 27: Zagar feat. Underground Divas – Wings Of Love (Albin Janoska Remix) (Mole Listening Pearls)# 45: US3 – Cantaloop (Streetheat Music / UCA)# 72: Cool Million Feat. Jeniqua – Making Love (SedSoul)# 85: The Casino Royal – Don´t Play With Me (Audio Lotion Remix) (Mole Listening Pearls)# 98: Homegrown – Endangered Species (Potte Remix) (Mole Listening Pearls)

Demir & Seymen – Rising High (Plastic City. Play)

Demir & Seymen are Özgür Demir and Sencer Seymen. The pair have been producing electronic music together since February 2008. Influenced by Hip Hop, RnB and Dark Metal, their music covers a wide spectrum from laid back Deep House to straight Techno, from groovy club music to deep and meditative DJ sets. Their debut release “Chiclown” featured three tracks that spent several weeks in the Beatport charts. The follow up EP on Highgrade entitled “Backshaker” found diverse DJ support from the likes of Johhny D, Richie Hawtin and Barem. It began at Tresor in the winter of 2006. It was a Wednesday and in those days it only cost three euro to get in! That was the first time they met. At the time they weren’t producing their own music, but were beginning parallel experiments in DJing. It didn’t take long for Demir and Seymen to find themselves together at one afterhours party or another, both taking control of the turntables. It was clear that the two shared a similar taste in music, and because of their complementary skills they were pretty soon working together behind the decks.

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go_disko*, founded by Ansgar Hetkamp, initially based on a specialised database solution for organizers and labels out of Berlin go_disko* grew to a high reputed provider of business solutions for the independent music branch and film technicians with over 200 customers worldwide. Whether you work in label, production house or promotion agency – you perhaps started out of a passion for music, you are sometimes overwhelmed with ever increasing workload. go_disko* simplifies your workload by a few clicks while you can devote your time to your passion: the music. Featuring a user-friendly interface, go_disko* Music allows you to administrate and discount for instant projects, business resource planning and finance, beside contacts and daily correspondence with ease. Team working and a save use of information to the users and teams are permitted. Thus you can customize the administration of the data individually. Since Spring 2011, you can import your sales statements from directly into your go_disko* database by using the new Deeep Compressor button.

Babak Shayan – My Life | Remixes (Plastic City. Play)

Born in Teheran (Iran) in 1973, Babak came to Germany due to the effects of the Iran-Iraq war in 1985. His love to music started in the early days of his childhood with artists such as Depeche Mode, Yello, New Order. But thanks to his new residence, the music that was avantgarde then became accessible for him. He went into heavy music collecting, making it possible to experience the concept of DJing just one year later: beginning in 1986, he spread mixtapes among his schoolmates and was soon a requested DJ for an audience that was much more older than he himself. He played in clubs where he would not have been allowed to enter because of his age. Consequently, his love for music lead him on the way to creating music. In 1998, he got the gear to get some tracks done and after gaining some experience in that field, Babak had his first release on the Plastic City. His first “Dualists” productions found their way into the cases of many DJs and many compilations and propelled him to the top of Germany’s Tech-House scene. In 2003 Babak moved to Cologne and founded his own label Shayan Music which has established itself as a modern music company that offers a broad spectrum of services. Besides all of his projects and music-making Babak plays as DJ at international festivals and clubs regularly. Finally in autumn 2009, he released his first own artist album which he called “My Life”. In spring 2011, Plastic City release a big remix package with new remixes from album tracks by Lukas Greenberg, Adryan, Helly Larson and Pino Shamlou.

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Certainly, 120dB is not a really recommended noise level… but it is symbolizing the energy of the sound this house music label stands for. The two founders and managers Greg Silver and Chico Chiquita are both very experienced DJs and producers from Germanys “magic city of House Music”: Mannheim. But differing from the typical deep and calm sound of that region, 120dB stands for powerful and energetic house music from progressive to tech-house and even electro. The most important attributes for the sound of 120dB is the functionality on the dancefloor and a high recognition value, like all members of the 120dB Family as Laserkraft 3D, Falko Niestolik & BK Duke, Wishes & Dreams, Dirt onE, Groovejuice, The Palatinates and many others already showed. Biggest 120dB-success and poster act Laserkraft 3D reached the top 10 single charts in 5 European countries and gold status in Germany. Teamed up for their weekly radio show on Germanys biggest electronic music radio and also as a perfectly matching DJ team, Greg and Chico always represent the 120dB sound on- and off air – watch out!