Deeep Compressor @ go_disko* Music


go_disko*, founded by Ansgar Hetkamp, initially based on a specialised database solution for organizers and labels out of Berlin go_disko* grew to a high reputed provider of business solutions for the independent music branch and film technicians with over 200 customers worldwide. Whether you work in label, production house or promotion agency – you perhaps started out of a passion for music, you are sometimes overwhelmed with ever increasing workload. go_disko* simplifies your workload by a few clicks while you can devote your time to your passion: the music. Featuring a user-friendly interface, go_disko* Music allows you to administrate and discount for instant projects, business resource planning and finance, beside contacts and daily correspondence with ease. Team working and a save use of information to the users and teams are permitted. Thus you can customize the administration of the data individually. Since Spring 2011, you can import your sales statements from directly into your go_disko* database by using the new Deeep Compressor button.