Video: Tanzbären - Tanzbäralarm (Stereo Fever | Starwood Media)

Behind the dancing bears are two guys who bring every audience to dance with their concept ! Die Tanzbären (The Dancing Bears) is for the new generation of people who like to party. Own shirts with a cool logo and slogans such as: Let the bears run free, cheers for the bear, Tanzbäralarm! or if the Playbear! At every event, every performance and every interview they are accompanied by pink and Bluebear in bear outfits. The dancing bears have an incredible brand recognition so as soon as the bear or the logo appears. The music is unique and fits perfectly with the concept. Rap mixed with R & B vocals and fresh house beats, plus a special dance that can imitate the everyone does the bears to the attraction of 2011. Tanzbäralarm will be the first single release on the label Stereo Fever.

For more information about the artist, please visit: Die Tanzbären Homepage