Out now: LoZee - Blind (Mole Listening Pearls)

LoZee,* alias Raphael Zweifel: his debut record, of 14 songs, “Tell It To The Sea”, takes you into a world of amorous hope and of sunsets and questions, in songs of peace and melancholy about the blue planet. His unique vocal timbre is a delicate counterpoint to this classically trained cellists, piano, guitar, and, of course, his cello sounds. LoZee brings together jazz harmonies and solid songwriting, using traditional and classical voicing, and musical dynamics that have no direct comparison.

Having lived in Barcelona and Paris “Tell it to the sea” is a musical journey through musical dreams about a summer soul sister in “But you” — “… what it means to me, when you open your eyes.” Sleepwalking through town, in “Moonshine,” trying to comprehend the meaning of time, “…The years passed by so incredibly fast, … the time made out of tales.” Or questioning power and the environment in “Blind,” “The Kyoto protocol could help us all, but there is a big country that quit the call. Are they blind, so blind?”

Musical cosmopolitics: “Tell it to the sea” was recorded in Paris, Brooklyn, and Barcelona, in collaboration with musical friends, Peter Scherer, Caspar St. Charles, Jessica Custer, Gorka Prieto, and many others. And having toured and recorded with bands like “Die Toten Hosen” and “Glashaus”, LoZee feels naturally at home on small stages as well big ones.

The video “Blind” was directed by Hella Wenders. The song is about politics and saving the planet!