Smalltown Collective - Wil Connected (Plastic City. Play)

Smalltown Collective – Wil Connected (Plastic City. Play)

“Smalltown Collective” is a music-project composed by three fancier of electronic music who occupy with DJing and producing since many years. The trio comes from east-switzerland and their home is based in „Wil“, a small town near lake Constance. Alan Brljafa is growed up in the eighties influenced by Disco and Eurobeat. He devoted more and more the electronic music and purchased himself the first Roland equipment, soon follows an own studio. He already done a lot of remixes for well-known artists in croatia and released his first maxi-single together with Remo Mueller. In 2004 and 2005 they work together for the chillout-project “Augenschein“, were Alan and Remo produced 2 albums for the homonymous art exhibition. According the influence of M/A/R/R/S, Bomb the Bass and S’Express, Remo Mueller starts to produce himself electronic music. Already in his apprenticeship he performed his first live-acts in some clubs. The third part of the “smalltown collectice” team is DJ Miguel. He starts his musical career with 14 years in several bars and discotheques. Thanks to his constant development DJ Miguel managed to play himself to the top of the Swiss DJ scene and is wellknown in the top clubs from East to West-Switzerland. He is DJing regularly in clubs like Supermarket, Club-Q, Kaufleuten, Liquid, Bar Rouge or Pravda.

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