On Monday, August 21st Beyond Oblivion Inc., launched and boinc [boy-nk] as their commercial brand – a crucial waypoint as they prepare for launch. boinc is a magnetic and social music service that distributes a vast legal music library from a cloud (supplied by major labels, independents, and artists the world over), and embeds the right to download and PLAY IT ALL™ within devices like computers (PCs and MACs), tablets, autos and smartphones. boinc lets you play, download and share as much music as you want on any boinc’d devices for the lifetime of the device, paying copyright owners a micro-royalty per play, no matter where the tracks originated. There are no download charges, no monthly subscription fees and no ads. The more an artist’s music is played, the more they are paid! boinc is music democratized (hence the smile).

From the beginning, customers have the possibility to distribute their repertoire to boinc and collect money via this new innovative service.

Blind! A word, a song and Lozee’s statement on environmental protection. Least 800,000 liters of oil per day flowed into the Gulf of Mexico. Another disaster – the next environmental disaster is just a matter of time. “This is the year of the policy.” Lozee’s first single “Blind”, taken from the debut album “Tell It to the Sea”, starts with this question. He also asks in, why the leaders of this world operate far from being a more consistent environment and whether the fuel-driven cars are still up-to-date? Hella Wenders, niece of the largest German filmmaker Wim Wenders, and Luca Lucchesi have teamed up in Nice with Lozee and filmed the video for “Blind” over three days. “As more often we have heard “Blind” as more inspired us the song and accompanied everyday life,” explained Hella Wenders their motivation for video. “The song is more relevant than ever, and stands for itself. For us it was a delightful challenge images to this strong musical appeal to find”. This is also the background why get such a powerful, visual packaging.

Taken from the single: LoZee – Blind

Dejan Milicevic & Matthew Hoag – Mandala (Plastic City. Play)

Dejan Milicevic was born in July 1979 in Belgrade, Serbia, at the time of ex-Yugoslavia. His early musical influences came from his older brother Alexander who was repeatedly playing fresh tunes of the bands such as Ministry, Front 242, Front Line Assembly and many other alternative new wave electronic sounds. Dejan fell in love with techno-music back in the early 1993, while attending some of the first parties ever made in Belgrade as a young clubber. He was deeply fascinated by the magic tunes played by the DJs at the time, as well as with the feedback they were getting from the enthusiastic Belgrade crowd. That’s when he started seriously wondering what is it like to be on the stage. In August 2005, Dejan joined a project with BELEF (Belgrade Summer Festival) to launch a performance with Dusan Skovran String Orchestra. Due to the highly enthusiastic response from the audience and the media, this techno vs classical music fusion was succesfully reprised in a couple of public performances. Matthew Hoag’s creativity provides the best results in the sun, salty water and all year long summer environment. Or in his own words: “I am Mediterranean by breed and Latino by soul. I am a passionate guy.” He experienced his first club night as a 12 years old boy and instantly fell in love with the concept of spreading the positive vibe among people with the music. His passion for warm tech-house has taken him to a non-stop around the globe journey, performing in countries such as Brazil (Experience Festival), Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Serbia (Exit Festival), Greece, Austria, Germany, Belgium (I Love Techno) Luxembourg, USA (WMC), UK, France Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, Macedonia as well as his favourite place to be – Ibiza.

Available Format: mp3.


Daniel Dubb – The Deeper Side (Plastic City. Play)

Toronto resident Daniel Dubb is a name to watch closely over the next few months. With releases and remixes out on VIVa, 8Bit, Rejected, Supernature, Area Remote and Saved, Daniel has proven himself to be “someone to watch out for”. Catching the eyes of International stars such as Steve Lawler, Nic Fanciulli, Joris Voorn, Lee Burridge, 2000 & One and Danny Howells, Daniel’s productions have been featured in clubs and mixes from both house and techno DJ’s all across the globe. Opening for Steve Lawler at his Infamous Lights Out Miami show at Winter Music Conference 2010/ 2011, and BPM Festival in Mexico, as well as playing alongside a handful of other A-List Dj’s, Daniel has shown his talents not only as a Producer but a DJ as well. Getting tons of praise for his Deep and Techy sets, Daniel is an artist who will be very much at the forefront of the scene in years to come.

Available Format: mp3.



Billionaires Ballroom is a division of Mondoshiva Music. Got a ticket? Billionaires Ballroom stands for clubsounds, loft flair and party as well as for glamour and hype. Here you will find extraordinary progressive house club sounds and artists with the special club touch. Billionaires Ballroom offers a wide range of progressive house interpretations. Melodic hooklines, big soundscapes and rousing grooves from A to Z. Got a ticket? You better should!

For over three years ZYX Music uses the service to deliver the releases to the digital download stores. Since 1st of August 2011, our aggregator digedo is also distributing the new releases as well as the back catalogue to the stores, which ZYX Music isn’t deliver itself via founder of the company, Bernhard Mikulski, put the idea into action in 1971: on the southern edge of the Westerwald he started his own company with pop import, which he continually extended into an independent recording production company. Renamed ZYX Music in 1992, the company is today one of the leading independent recording production companies in Europe. Since the death of the founder and head of the company in 1997 his wife Christa Mikulski has been running the group, which also includes music publishing companies. In addition to the head office in Merenberg in the state of Hessen there are branches in almost all European countries as well as in the USA. Worldwide more than 150 employees work on the success of the products – with commitment and creativity.

Life — a moment — smile. Alphawezen are Asu Yalcindag and Ernst Wawra from Aix-la-Chapelle and Düsseldorf, Germany. They met 1999 and worked on three albums so far. The 2CD Snow/Glow” with remixes for example by Nightmares on Wax and The Timewriter was released in autumn 2009. The fourth album is planned for 2012.

Chris Zippel wrote with the Pet Shop Boys & German band “Ich und Ich”, and remixed tracks from artists like Robbie Williams, Schiller and Snap!. With his very own project ‚Genuine’, he launched the Nu Ambient Scene. Former Berliner Chris Zippel has now occupied his own sweet-sounding enviroment on the island of Ibiza, where he is developing together with Alphawezen new Sounds and Tracks.

Pending the release of their fourth album to date in 2012, Alphawezen are back, after a two-year break, with a new single entitled “Smile”, co-produced by Chris Zippel. “Smile” interweaves soft, melancholy strains into the fabric of summer sprightliness. A song about the gentle sense of the sleeting nature of all things, which leaves us no choice but, with a bittersweet smile on our lips, to plunge headlong into life…