Dejan Milicevic & Matthew Hoag - Mandala (Plastic City. Play)

Dejan Milicevic & Matthew Hoag – Mandala (Plastic City. Play)

Dejan Milicevic was born in July 1979 in Belgrade, Serbia, at the time of ex-Yugoslavia. His early musical influences came from his older brother Alexander who was repeatedly playing fresh tunes of the bands such as Ministry, Front 242, Front Line Assembly and many other alternative new wave electronic sounds. Dejan fell in love with techno-music back in the early 1993, while attending some of the first parties ever made in Belgrade as a young clubber. He was deeply fascinated by the magic tunes played by the DJs at the time, as well as with the feedback they were getting from the enthusiastic Belgrade crowd. That’s when he started seriously wondering what is it like to be on the stage. In August 2005, Dejan joined a project with BELEF (Belgrade Summer Festival) to launch a performance with Dusan Skovran String Orchestra. Due to the highly enthusiastic response from the audience and the media, this techno vs classical music fusion was succesfully reprised in a couple of public performances. Matthew Hoag’s creativity provides the best results in the sun, salty water and all year long summer environment. Or in his own words: “I am Mediterranean by breed and Latino by soul. I am a passionate guy.” He experienced his first club night as a 12 years old boy and instantly fell in love with the concept of spreading the positive vibe among people with the music. His passion for warm tech-house has taken him to a non-stop around the globe journey, performing in countries such as Brazil (Experience Festival), Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Serbia (Exit Festival), Greece, Austria, Germany, Belgium (I Love Techno) Luxembourg, USA (WMC), UK, France Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, Macedonia as well as his favourite place to be – Ibiza.

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