Video: LoZee - Blind (Mole Listening Pearls)

Blind! A word, a song and Lozee’s statement on environmental protection. Least 800,000 liters of oil per day flowed into the Gulf of Mexico. Another disaster – the next environmental disaster is just a matter of time. “This is the year of the policy.” Lozee’s first single “Blind”, taken from the debut album “Tell It to the Sea”, starts with this question. He also asks in, why the leaders of this world operate far from being a more consistent environment and whether the fuel-driven cars are still up-to-date? Hella Wenders, niece of the largest German filmmaker Wim Wenders, and Luca Lucchesi have teamed up in Nice with Lozee and filmed the video for “Blind” over three days. “As more often we have heard “Blind” as more inspired us the song and accompanied everyday life,” explained Hella Wenders their motivation for video. “The song is more relevant than ever, and stands for itself. For us it was a delightful challenge images to this strong musical appeal to find”. This is also the background why get such a powerful, visual packaging.

Taken from the single: LoZee – Blind