New music service (with interface) launched: boinc [boy-nk]

On Monday, August 21st Beyond Oblivion Inc., launched and boinc [boy-nk] as their commercial brand – a crucial waypoint as they prepare for launch. boinc is a magnetic and social music service that distributes a vast legal music library from a cloud (supplied by major labels, independents, and artists the world over), and embeds the right to download and PLAY IT ALL™ within devices like computers (PCs and MACs), tablets, autos and smartphones. boinc lets you play, download and share as much music as you want on any boinc’d devices for the lifetime of the device, paying copyright owners a micro-royalty per play, no matter where the tracks originated. There are no download charges, no monthly subscription fees and no ads. The more an artist’s music is played, the more they are paid! boinc is music democratized (hence the smile).

From the beginning, customers have the possibility to distribute their repertoire to boinc and collect money via this new innovative service.