Welcome Imola Music from Vienna


The idea of an own label for electronic dance music has long been in the heads. After years as a musician, producer and sound engineer Marco Riemann wanted to create for himself and his producer friends a way to release their own music and promote themself. Finally the project starts with the beautiful name “imola”, a reference to the Italian roots of the label’s founder. In his luggage: a wide range of modern club music – psychedelic dub-techno, 4-to-the-floor beats and minimal house – everything, what touches the heart and goes to the Legs! Every act of the label “imola music” is producing “dance music” in his own way. Nevertheless, all united by a common artist passionate idea: The vision of modern and innovative club music in the young 21st century.The founder Marco Riemann, born in 1977 in Frankfurt (Germany), is living in Vienna (Austria) since 2007. He made his first experiences with electronic music at the age of 21. In these days he was experimenting in liaison with his buddy Sasa with use of synthesizers and sequences in order to create new sound textures. He could show his first success with the release of the EP named “Undefined Emotionz” on Steve Bug’s label Pokerflat – Recordings in the year 2000. Another EP release on Pokerflat named “Inflexible” was released in the year 2001. In the same year the release on Bellaphon of the remix of the track “Ficken” followed, the track was dedicated to his friend and musician Jürgen Reinecke aka Superflausch. At the same time Marco started to focus on his study of Electrical Engineering, he graduated as engineer in 2005. In 2007 he moved to Vienna as he got an engagement as acoustic engineer at a popular Austrian microphone & headphone company. The deep connection to electronic club-music remained. He continued producing music.