Electronica Highlights for autumn 2011

Here are some of our “Electronica Highlights” for autumn 2011 from the German artist Lemongrass, the Spanish chill out king Ohm-G, the Hungarian legend Yonderboi and the famous Praful from The Netherlands. The album from Praful “Pyramid In Your Backyard” was original released in 2005 – so it´s a ReRelease of a timeless and brilliant album:

Lemongrass – Sirius (Lemongrassmusic | Germany)
Sirius is the most luminescent star in the night sky. A light years away double-galaxy, considered as a mystical symbol by many ancient cultures. This is the chosen destination of Lemongrass’s new album. As usual Lemongrass’s range of drums and percussion is sticking out. Well for those who don’t know, Roland Voss is an educated drummer. Either as a cool down-tempo groove (Deep Blue), as a playful broken beat Jazz rhythm (Jazz Bandits) or just with a discrete Snare, the choice is always brought to the point. Hopefully Mr. Spock puts his intergalactic radio on once in awhile. It would be a pity if his Half-Vulcan ears would miss this “Sirius” expedition. Listen: Lemongrass – Sirius

Ohm-G – Hulectric Soul (Eivissabeat | Spain)
Olaf Gutbrod, aka Ohm-G, was fascinated the music for as long as he can remember. Music was and is magic for him. Olaf got his first guitar when he was 9 years old. From this moment on he knew that music was his life. Since 2004 Ohm-G is the resident DJ at Atzaró, one of the best locations for exquisite music and visuals in Ibiza, where he initiated also the Atzaró Lounge. The last 6 years Ohm-G focused on refining his sound, his production and his DJing. Before the new album “Hulectric Soul” he released five albums already as well as contribute tracks on well known Compilations like Cafe del Mar, Hotel Costes, Buddha Bar and other well known compilations. Listen: Ohm-G – Hulectric Soul

Yonderboi – Passive Control (Mole Listening Pearls | Hungary)
After long years of work the author of unique and successful albums “Shallow and Profound” (2000) and “Splendid Isolation” (2005) is back with his new long-player, “Passive Control”, which is considered to be the third, closing part of the trilogy. The whole album has an elusive feel of utopia, which can be explained easily by Yonder’s love for science fiction ever since he was a kid. Jean Gireaud Moebius the legendary French comics artist, Russian sci-fi movie “Kin-Dza-Dza”, or Hungarian cult-film “Meteo” are just a few examples that inspired him during the making of “Passive Control”. Listen: Yonderboi – Passive Control

Praful – Pyramid In Your Backyard (Therapy Recordings | The Netherlands)
To some electronica enthusiasts, it might seem like a contraction to describe Praful as a saxophonist who has some relevance to electronica. If electronica is all about synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, samplers, and the like, how can a saxman possibly have any relevance to electronica? So this is why it´s difficult to say exactly how “Pyramid in Your Backyard” should be categorized. It’s probably best to describe the release as a hybrid mixture of electronic club/dance grooves (including trip-hop, chillout, and ambient), pop-jazz, and world music. Listen: Praful – Pyramid In Your Backyard