daredo takes over the community-portal uptrax

Uptrax provides a platform for musicians, producers, labels and fans. Unknown newcomers have here the chance to publish their tracks and introduce them to a large audience. By voting titles into the charts, you have a direct influence on the music of the future and the trends of tomorrow. Your favorite tracks are available to download as MP3s. The producers among you have the chance to receive a recording contract or airplay on a “real” radio outlet. Membership is free of charge. Registration is easy. Membership benefits: You can upload tracks, vote, and participate in board discussions, etc. The period to determine the charts compiled on a Tuesday is always exactly one week. All downloads and votes the track received during this week are calculated for points. After the chart assessment, the points for each track are reset to 0 and the assessment starts anew for the following week. The track is awarded one point per download and per vote. Reviews are not part of the chart assessment, but are means of constructive criticism, praise, improvement suggestions, etc. A special feature of “uptrax” is the radio chart show on radio “Sunshine live”. Every Sunday afternoon, the top titles of Electronica uptrax charts are introduced and thus broadcast in entire Germany and Europe (satellite). Which tracks this charts contain is up to you, the uptrax member. You decide the chart ranking by voting and downloading and thus the radio play. Radio Sunshine live is Germany’s largest and best known radio outlet for electronic music. The uptrax show is broadcast every Sunday between the hours of 3 pm and 4 pm (MEZ). Each week, the first three tracks of the Electronica charts go to the playlist for the Sunday’s uptrax broadcast on Sunshine live. Additionally, “new entries” are added and the winners are moving to the rotation.For more information please visit: www.uptrax.com