Eichensohn & Davenstedt #23 VIVA Club Rotation Charts


The track FFF (= F*****, FRESSEN, FERNSEHEN) entered the official German Media Control single charts in December 2011 … and we believe it is just the beginning… Once you hear and view it, it will inevitably draw you into it’s orbit. FFF captures you with it’s Zeitgeist. The number of video viewers on Youtube is constantly clicking upwards. More than 2.500.000 viewers visit the “Konsumwelt Channel” so far. In Switzerland, it entered the Top Ten dance charts before even one DJ promo took place. By now, it’s known that the artists are Eichensohn & Davenstedt. But exactly who are the creative minds behind it ? An FFF communtiy has emerged on Facebook and Twitter with hundreds of fans and supporters following the latest comments and tweets. One thing is already certain: FFF is a totally exceptional song, not only for DJ’s: FFF is music for the masses ! Harder, more cutting, more explosive then anything up to now. Discover your true self in FFF and live by it.

FFF 4 EVER! You can purchase the track FFF on seven different release packages: 1. International Version (incl. 9 International Languages) 2. Deutsche Version (incl. 9 German Versions) 3. Club Version (incl. Terror Twinz and Dirt OnE Remixes) 4. Censored Version (English) 5. Zensierte Version (German) 6. The Update (incl. Metal and FFFunky Versions) 7. Remixes (incl. Rico Bernasconi, Dirt One, Selecta & Sigi Di Collini and Sonik Remixes) Homepage: Konsumwelt, home of Eichensohn & Davenstedt

YouTube: Konsumwelt TV

Facebook: Eichensohn & Davenstedt | Konsumwelt