Out now! Megaherz - Götterdämmerung (Golden Core Records)

More than 3 years ago, Megaherz, one of the German “Industrial bands” next Rammstein and Eisbrecher, published their last album “Heuchler” and reached a top 20 position in the German Media Control Album Charts. Now it’s time again to release the seventh Megaherz album called “Götterdämmerung”. The name of the album does what it promises: radicals, time-critical texts coupled with aggressive melodies alternate with songs about interpersonal relationships. Megaherz is always hard, but always also melodic. The single “Jagdzeit), which was already released on the 23th of December 2011 deals with the eternal lure of a woman, the album tracks “Mann im Mond” and “Rabenvater” they denounce the abuse of children, the song “Keine Zeit” talks about the daily rush from all of us addressed through life professionally and personally and the tracks “Heute Nacht”, “Herz aus Gold” and “Abendstern” deals with human relations, longing and love. As a bonus, the song “Licht am Ende der Welt”, originally released on the album “Himmerlfahrt” in the year 2000, was rerecorded – this time as a hymn instrumented with an orchestra.

For more information and tour dates, please visit: www.megaherz.de