digedo is distributing hypnosis specialist Pharo (aka Martin Bolze)


At least since the dentists and their patients with the help of hypnosis – successfully – to treat, it should be clear that hypnosis is far more expensive than a carnival trick. Pioneering new medical techniques are often under suspicion. Maybe because you have learned to play the media-keyboard, reminiscent at times of carnival scenes. But “the end justifies the means”, as the saying goes. The unknown, the stranger gave, always a cause for skeptsis. Another proverb says: “What the farmer does not know, he does not eat.” What’s not to say that we all “eat” is what one knows. But it is intended to stimulate thinking about why we really so skeptical about the new stand. Hypnosis is not a charlatan. The techniques of hypnosis have been known for thousands of years. Nevertheless, the hypnosis until the middle of the 20th Century by Western medicine as a valuable medical tool recognized. digedo is distributing the new Starwood Media products from Martin Bolze (aka Pharo), who is well known from German speaking TV channels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.For more information and tour dates, please visit: Pharo Martin Bolze @ Starwood Media