Tech-House highlights for April 2012 from Marc O´Tool and Lukas Greenberg

Here are two special “Tech-House Highlights” for April 2012 from the German artists Marc O´Tool (Circle Music) and Lukas Greenberg (Plastic City):Marc O´Tool – Serious (Circle Music)When it comes to clear-cut, highly effective House music, there’s almost no chance you haven’t heard of German prolific artist Marc O’Tool yet or at least danced your socks off to various of his productions. Born and raised in Essen, Marco became an active part of the electronic music scene at a time, when demos still have been sent out on tape. Running one of North Rhine-Westfalia’s first Techno venues, the “Passarella Club” bringing early legends such as Laurent Garnier, Daniel Bell or Jeff Mills to his hometown, and his first signing with a record label went almost hand-in-hand. The course of his life was set. Surviving far more than one musical craze by constantly reinventing his artistic roots, Marco has grown from a club dj and producer to a versatile musician and business man, running his own record label Mauritius Music, producing various acts, composing jingles / commercials and being equipped and outfitted by diverse industry brands. „Allow me to be“ is Marc O’Tool’s third artist album to date and the debut long player on Alex Flatner’s imprint Circle Music after several already foregone EPs. In 11 songs this album pays tribute to sounds, riffs and grooves that have not only significantly influenced Marco since his first contact with electronic music, but made a major impact on dance music since its birth. Expect vintage sounds and chords in the veign of Inner City, Marshall Jefferson and Dave Clarke, refined and brought into a modern outfit and combined with Marco’s composing and songwriting skills as well as production support from close friends such as Criss Source, Stu Patrics or Marc Vision. An album, that does not claim to re-invent the House wheel, but rather wants to be understood as a tailor-made party suit: personal, cultivated and precisely sound-designed with premium material to make you feel and look good while dancing. Listen: Marc O´Tool – SeriousLukas Greenberg – Essence of Me (Plastic City)Plastic City looks towards the release of Lukas Greenberg’s latest artist album ‘Essence Of Me’ featuring his genre defying mix of quality electronic music. Lukas Greenberg is definitely no newcomer to the electronic music scene. He started his career in the early nineties as a hip hop dj before shifting to house and techno to play at famous venues like Tresor, 90Grad and KitCat. He launched his own Synphon Records label in the early noughties but it is his work with the legendary Plastic City imprint during the last five that has really brought him to prominence. His previous artist albums ‘Rhode’Stories’ and ‘Prisoner with a Key’ were critically acclaimed and gave an insight into Greenberg’s broad musical tastes and expansive production repertoire. For his latest long player Lukas Greenberg draws on his rich musical history and delivers a diverse and engaging album that features hypnotic house, downtempo melodic gems, uplifting anthems and a cover of an R&B classic. The album opens and closes and with the seductive vocal tones of the appropriately named Cari Golden who delivers both an atmospheric intro and a diva house final opus. Greenberg’s interpretation of the Timmy Thomas classic ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’ sees the original vocals and Hammond keys woven into an excellent floorfilling version. Other highlights include the Satie inspired title track ‘Essence of Life’ and the downbeat ‘Broken’ featuring the lyrical stylings of Idiophonic who has worked with Greenberg on previous albums. This may not be an album for purist house/techno fans but for anyone whose heart and ears are open to the rich variety of electronic music ‘Essence of Life’ is a great listen. Listen: Lukas Greenberg – Essence of Me