Bambuddha Grove Ibiza - Black Sheep Tribe (2012 Edition)


Once upon a time, music from a far away land reached the snowcapped Himalayan mountains of Tibet. Three Buddhas, one representing Freedom, one Respect, and one Tolerance, set out to seek the source of these vibrations. Their long quest took them on a journey where whispers in the wind suggested these sounds resonated from a land filled with magic, mystery and music. After three years they arrived at the island of Ibiza and quickly came ashore, confident they were nearing the climax of their journey. In the center of the island, shrouded in valley mist and nestling in a bamboo forest they set their eyes on Bambuddha Grove, the temple to the Black Sheep Tribe, the Music, the Vibrations, the Source… As you stroll beneath a luscious canopy of bamboo, past watchful carved stone statues, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve just landed in Ubud, Goa or Ko Pha Ngan, not outback of a mediterranean isle. Make your way around the grand estate that is Bambuddha Grove®, and you’ll discover flushes of Ibiza luxe – the übercool crowd sipping on Bamboozles, Karmapirinhas or Shivalingas – amidst ancient erotic artefacts and sultry, sumptuous furnishings. Owner John Moon has lovingly created a temple to host private events, monumental parties and everything in between. This year, the new Bambuddha Grove Ibiza album is a special one. The new edition in 2012 has no volume number. Instead of this the compilation is called “Bambuddha Grove Ibiza – Black Sheep Tribe” and is mixed by the well known artist and DJ Ohm-G.More information about the location and the restaurant: Bambuddha Grove (Ibiza)