After the YouTube Hit “FFF” here comes the follow up from Eichensohn & Davenstedt: Konsumwelt (Proton Records). Eichensohn & Davenstedt (E/D) did it again. They just open their eyes, listen to other people when they talk about and just wrote a song influenced by this experiences. This time they just go into the center of Berlin and wrote down what kids and people talk about. The result is very easy. At the end of the day everybody talk about consuming something – a consumer world (German: Konsumwelt). And here it is – the new video. Eat this…. Video @ YouTube: Konsumwelt


jazztribution, based in Berlin (Germany), is the digital distributor for Jazz. They are distributing Jazz worldwide to all relevant download shops, streaming services, electronic bookstores and video hosting services. Their exclusive focus on Jazz give jazz artists, producers and labels the needed expertise to represent their music to multigenre outlets and specialists alike.

The Internet as a pioneer of new music talent. The portal Uptrax ( is a working system, establised during the age of Web 2.0. A music community for promising talents and new musical trends. With Uptrax Vol.01 the best tracks of this community are voted by music listeners, musicians, producers and labels. For the first time, these tracks are fired out from cyberspace on a 2CD and a digital compilation.Supported by the official radio station for club culture “sunshine live”, all Uptrax members surrender themself to the toughest out there: to other musicians! And how well the tracks from new artists like Henk De Latra, Benjamin Storm, Mr. Baltic, eM-Ray, H John B, Audio Rob, Benntech, Seos oder Solar Strom work (“tomorrow”), proves that they are measuring on Uptrax Vol.01 to current clubstars like Armin van Buuren, Bob Sinclar ft. Sophie Ellis Bextor, DJ Falk, Plastik Funk, R.I.O., Zagar, Guru Josh or Leony!, which build the basic of the first part of the tracklisting (“today”).
We´re proud of our label diversity specially in the field of electronic music. Here are two special “Electronica-Releases” highlights for the hot days of the summer 2012 from the German labels Lemongrassmusic and Mole Listening Pearls:

Lemongrassmusic Episode 100
Lemongrassmusic proudly presents their 100th label release. For sure this is a reason to party. But instead of receiving gifts, the label is giving out a huge treasure box of goodies to their fans and followers. You will be showered with 50 brand new, mostly unreleased tracks carefully selected by the label owners and driving forces Roland & Daniel Voss. Guiding you through the labels sound cosmos you will be delighted by receiving a splendid variety of songs, all done by highly valued Lemongrassmusic heroes plus a few very fresh signings and surprises. Reaching the glory of 100 is only once in a lifetime. But to consider the label as old aged is wrong thinking. Lemongrassmusic is only 7 years old and has become an internationally known trademark for modern Lounging in only a short time. Initially founded as a platform for their own projects such as Lemongrass, Weathertunes, Jasmon and Five Seasons, soon the Voss brothers expanded the label’s philosophy to become a home-base for producers and musicians from 16 different countries. With genre-bending music releases Lemongrassmusic is widening the scope of the Lounge genre by exploring Chillout, Ambient, NuJazz, TripHop, Electronic World Music, Deep House, Nu-Soul and more. Artists like Karen Gibson Roc, Eskadet, Faro, T2’n, Glam Sam & His Combo, Northbound, Gushi & Raffunk, Michiko, Mirage Of Deep, MoShang, Man In A Room and Keisuke Sakai are highlights of a brilliant up to date label spectrum, which is responsible for unforgettable moments on Lounge floors worldwide.

Listen @ iTunes: Lemongrassmusic Episode 100

The Best of OHM-G
Since the 90s, the International DJ scene developed into an institution on the island Ibiza. One of them is in OHM-G. Olaf Gutbrod lived for 10 years on the island as a composer, producer and DJ, above all as a resident in one of the most beautiful places on Ibiza, Atzaró. His Chill Out Sound OHM-G has placed on many famous compilations like Cafe del Mar or Hotel Costes. But even his own series Atzaró soundscapes that goes this year for the fourth year in a row, next to the DJ has his own albums on the island and became internationally known. At his best album of OHM-G Olaf Gutbrod collects tracks, which he combines various sections and moments in his life. Music that has emerged almost exclusively on Ibiza. Ibiza, this wonderful magical place. The winters and summers are quiet life full. A life like day and night, like breathing in and out. On the two CDs gathered the work of 15 years. Tracks of the OHM-G Future Ballads albums, Pop Art, Can Pardalet, Feelings, Moments and Hulectric Soul.

Listen @ iTunes: The Best of OHM-G

Perfect Music was launched in 2009, and by a short period became a successful music company with a good reputation. The company operates in music markets of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine. Its head office is based in Warsaw. There is also a representative office in Ukraine, located in Kiev. For over 4 years Perfect Music has been an exclusive distributor and an official representative of Sony Music Entertainment – one of the most powerful international music majors. Since 2010 they have also got an exclusive license for a catalogue of Armada Music – a leader in electronic music. For the years of cooperation with well-established international music companies they have successfully made a promotion of many new artists such as Hurts, Ke$ha, Adam Lambert, Zaz, Dash Berlin, Above & Beyond, Allure, and some other. They are proud of amazing success of Mirami – a band that has been introduced to the Ukrainian audience by Perfect Music. Songs of this young band has already reached a top of airplay charts in Poland, as well as becoming hits in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and Latvia. A team of Perfect Music is made of professionals, who have been learning music business practically for many years. They have a great experience in many fields of the industry, including marketing, physical, digital and concert sales.

S!LK – Warning (Plastic City. Play)

S!LK aka Alexander Fog was born in 1975. From the age of 5 Alexander began to break into music, thanks to the passion and love of music of his father. His first instrument was percussion and already you could tell then he had rhythm in his blood. After studying music with many teachers, such as “Duran and Paul Egly Montesi, at thirteen he began playing with local bands. At seventeen, bored with the usual scheme of things and fascinated electronic music, he founded a movement called “MOVE THE BOYZ” and started work as a PR taking his first steps towards becoming a professional DJ. At twenty-two, he was already the leader of the electronic movement called “WARRIOS” and also began to travel abroad (Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium) as a DJ of hardcore music. He played in many clubs such as “CUBIK – ESSENCE – EVOLVING,” and remained busy playing in clubs, including those of North Italy and Switzerland, however, he preferred to go to the world of underground music with its sounds and rhythms. Twenty-four years after his many travels, he moved to Amsterdam, where he began to play and organize parties in the city. During these years, he remained in the Netherlands, but started a new interest in a type of music more melodic and less strong compared to ‘hardcore, that of Trance and Techno. At twenty-seven years old when he returned to Italy, had to suspend his activities based on this new style led abroad, because the Italian clubs only supported House music. In the meantime continued to search for new sounds to progress his artistic maturity and after a few years began to play minimal techno. His sound was very popular in Germany, specially Düsseldorf. Given that most clubs opened only on weekends, he spent most of his time searching for new sounds and new melodies, those that are able to transport and to make each of us free. He gave up vinyl and CDs to conduct a full digital sound to play, And now uses digital tools, set up with a laptop. His musical style stretches further than minimal electronics; his sound is softer, but still carries within the experience of all those years spent in playing the techno music of the Netherlands. Under the influence of many German DJs. He has also always been fascinated by the scene in South America. As a owner of the two labels “TechnoMafia” and “DarkStar Records” he is now producing all kinds of House and Techno related music.

Available Format: mp3.


Two weeks ago CiNENET and daredo starts the new TV channel CiNENET on YouTube in English Language. Now, the German channel (CiNENET Germany) is officially launched as well with great films like “Running Man”, “Dune” and “Dawn of the Dead” to start. And this is just the beginning… The movies are specially for the German speaking market, so you can only watch them if you´re located in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Furthermore you need to be “logged in” into your YouTube account because of age restrictions (FSK). Direct link to the channel: CiNENET Germany.Running Man
“Running Man” is an American action film loosely based on Stephen King’s 1982 novel of the same name from 1987. The movie was directed by Paul Michael Glaser featuring the film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, María Conchita Alonso, Jesse Ventura, Jim Brown, and Richard Dawson. The movie, set in a dystopian America in the year 2019, is about a television show called “The Running Man”, where convicted criminal “runners” must escape death at the hands of professional killers. Watch the movie: Running Man (FSK 18)
“Dune” is a science fiction film from 1984 written and directed by David Lynch and based on the 1965 Frank Herbert novel of the same name. The film includes an ensemble of well-known American and European actors in supporting roles f.e. Kyle MacLachlan, Francesca Annis, Everett McGill, Sting and Jürgen Prochnow. The movie was filmed at the Churubusco Studios in Mexico City and included a soundtrack by the band Toto and a movie theme by Brian Eno. The plot concerns a young man foretold as the “Kwisatz Haderach” who will lead the native Fremen of the titular desert planet to victory over the malevolent House Harkonnen. Watch the movie: Dune (FSK 16)
Dawn of the Dead
“Dawn of the Dead” (also known as “Zombie”) is a horror film written and directed by George A. Romero from 1978. It was the second film made in Romero’s “Living Dead series”, but contains no characters or settings from “Night of the Living Dead”, and shows in a larger scale the zombie epidemic’s apocalyptic effects on society. In the film, a pandemic of unknown origin has caused the reanimation of the dead, who prey on human flesh, which subsequently causes mass hysteria. The cast features David Emge, Ken Foree, Scott Reiniger and Gaylen Ross as survivors of the outbreak who barricade themselves inside a suburban shopping mall. Watch the movie: Dawn of the Dead (FSK 18)