Out now! S!LK - Warning (Plastic City. Play)

S!LK – Warning (Plastic City. Play)

S!LK aka Alexander Fog was born in 1975. From the age of 5 Alexander began to break into music, thanks to the passion and love of music of his father. His first instrument was percussion and already you could tell then he had rhythm in his blood. After studying music with many teachers, such as “Duran and Paul Egly Montesi, at thirteen he began playing with local bands. At seventeen, bored with the usual scheme of things and fascinated electronic music, he founded a movement called “MOVE THE BOYZ” and started work as a PR taking his first steps towards becoming a professional DJ. At twenty-two, he was already the leader of the electronic movement called “WARRIOS” and also began to travel abroad (Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium) as a DJ of hardcore music. He played in many clubs such as “CUBIK – ESSENCE – EVOLVING,” and remained busy playing in clubs, including those of North Italy and Switzerland, however, he preferred to go to the world of underground music with its sounds and rhythms. Twenty-four years after his many travels, he moved to Amsterdam, where he began to play and organize parties in the city. During these years, he remained in the Netherlands, but started a new interest in a type of music more melodic and less strong compared to ‘hardcore, that of Trance and Techno. At twenty-seven years old when he returned to Italy, had to suspend his activities based on this new style led abroad, because the Italian clubs only supported House music. In the meantime continued to search for new sounds to progress his artistic maturity and after a few years began to play minimal techno. His sound was very popular in Germany, specially Düsseldorf. Given that most clubs opened only on weekends, he spent most of his time searching for new sounds and new melodies, those that are able to transport and to make each of us free. He gave up vinyl and CDs to conduct a full digital sound to play, And now uses digital tools, set up with a laptop. His musical style stretches further than minimal electronics; his sound is softer, but still carries within the experience of all those years spent in playing the techno music of the Netherlands. Under the influence of many German DJs. He has also always been fascinated by the scene in South America. As a owner of the two labels “TechnoMafia” and “DarkStar Records” he is now producing all kinds of House and Techno related music.

Available Format: mp3.