Welcome to Timo Rose and his new project "PremiumHorror"


Timo Rose is a German horror and science fiction filmmaker, known as the “german David Fincher”, rapper, and founder of the production company Sword of Independence Filmworks (later Germaica Rosecalypse Films). He is best known for his “Mutation” trilogy, which involves a toxic chemical created by Nazis and rediscovered in modern times. The second and third chapters in this film trilogy were re-edited in 2006 into an FX-heavy “special edition” entitled “Mutation: Annihilation”. Since his 2004 film “Lord of the Undead” starring Debbie Rochon, Rose has made it a point to film at least a portion of each of his films in English. His last three movies – Barricade, Fearmakers, and Beast – have all been primarily English-speaking films, with some German interspersed throughout. Videos @ YouTube: PremiumHorror