Video: Seaside Clubbers - Türen offen (Proton Records)

The Seaside Clubbers – after Darius & Finlay & Shaun Baker (“Show me 10″), and boarded with Arianna (“I often think of you”) as early as 2 times the German and Austrian charts, and a gold record with songwriting success for “Die Atzen” (“Disco Pogo”) is cleared away, now her long-awaited album! A foretaste of what happened there gave the Clubbers have often live: They toured in 2011 and 2012 by almost every club in Austria and played in front of huge quantities during Spring Break in Croatia alongside stars such as Pitbull, David Guetta, Mike Candys and DJ Antoine, or rocking various clubs and theaters in Germany. The figures speak for them: More than 6.5 million clicks on her own YouTube channel offziellen or tens of thousands of fans extensive and growing Facebook community!

The album itself is a lot of musical values​​, the pawl into the hand and is not against foreign genres halted. Thus, mixed to a song by the electronic Seaside Esprit with the hit “I caught you the moon” by Andreas Martin – a song that even three years after the release is still on top in all the party, hit-and-Charts to Majorca is found. Party explosives and hit potential is more than enough to present the new German wave, entitled “Abriss Volksmusik” usher!