Over the last few years, electronic music’s popularity has exploded, making it one of the music industry’s fastest growing segments. While artists like Skrillex, Deadmau5, Bassnectar and David Guetta, have attracted the lion’s share of attention by mainstream audiences, the underground music scene is as strong as ever. Although the space has evolved, the model for buying tracks has not. For the most part, both aspiring and established DJs still find themselves acquiring music the old fashioned way – listening to a limited preview and buying the track based on that preview, or simply pirating it. Pulselocker is a platform for the next generation of DJ and promises to disrupt the digital download market. Pulselocker is the first music subscription service that gives DJs access to millions of tracks, playable on the most popular mixing apps, online or off. Their unique subscription service gives DJs the unprecedented freedom to stream full-length tracks, download songs and DJ them out – before they decide to buy, and buy only the ones they want to keep.


The Producer 2 is fully integrated into the CMC (Content Mangagement Console) and will replace the old Deeep-Producer. The complete redevelopment allowed to implement many new and useful features: bulk import, create compilations per drag and drop, preselection of the stores, additional textfields, enhanced pricecodes, and a lot of other features, which facilate the daily work. Additional extensions specially for classical music and movies will follow, soon.

Affekt Recordings is a record label created by Alex Dolby & Dens Events crew. In 2012 Alex Dolby decide to open is own club called Affekt based in Frosinone (Italy), the purpose of Affekt Recording is to promote the club music. Alex Dolby made his entrance on the clubbing scene with “Psiko Garden” in 2002, which immediately became a worldwide hit and was follower by tracks like “Hazy Way” and “Obsessive Sound”, up to releasing his first album, “Psiko Garden”, in 2006 on the label Global Underground. He initiated important collaborations with artists such as Timo Maas and Santos, with whom he worked in the label Rockets and Ponies, and its release were published on labels like Viva Music, Bedrock and Cocoon compilation of Adam Beyer. During this years, Alex Dolby has traveled extensively performing in top clubs of the world: Ministry of Sound London, DC10 Ibiza, Pacha Buenos Aires, Magazzini Generali Milan, Sazae Osaka, Branceleone Rome, Cafè D’Anvers Belgium and many others.
mc-charts-2012.jpgIn 2012, our digital distribution digedo strengthens the proportion at the official German Sales Charts. From the digital distributions with charts success in 2012, digedo reached position # 7 in the album charts (0,02% market share of the total charts incl. physical products) and position # 2 in the compilation charts (0,13% market share of the total charts incl. physical products). Furthermore the single “Zagar – Never The Same” entered the single charts in Hungary on position #12.Here are our charts positions in 2012:Megaherz – Götterdämmerung (Golden Core/ZYX/digedo), # 19 Germany (Album)Sunshine live, Vol. 41 (Toptrax/ZYX/digedo), # 6 Germany (Compilation)Zagar – Never The Same (Mole Listening Pearls/daredo music/digedo), # 12 Hungary (Single)Sunshine live, Vol. 42 (Toptrax/ZYX/digedo), # 18 Germany (Compilation)Sunshine live, Vol. 43 (Toptrax/ZYX/digedo), # 15 Germany (Compilation)Sven Väth in the Mix: The Sound of the Thirteenth Season (Cocoon/Alive/digedo), # 19 Germany (Compilation)Sunshine live, Vol. 44 (Toptrax/ZYX/digedo), # 22 Germany (Compilation)