Zagar - Light Leaks (Mole)

Zagar Light Leaks.jpg

Žagar are a five piece psychedelic electronica band based in Budapest that are turning heads across the globe with their forward thinking sound design, catchy melodies and multi sensory live shows. After recently giving away to fans their latest single, ‘Space Medusa’, as a free download the band are preparing the release of their second album ‘Light Leaks’ – 29th April. Part of the burgeoning eastern European electronic scene, Žagar create a fresh and unique sound based on wave rock, electronica and psychedelic soundscapes. The Hungarian band started out as three-fifths of the Yonderboi Quintet and after a few years and some critical success, keyboard player Balázs Zságer (Žagar’s namesake) and scratcher Dj Bootsie splintered off to form their own sound, exploring more experimental avenues in their music. They eventually added drummer Tibor Lázár, guitarist George Ligeti and bassist Ákos Zságer-Varga to complete the band and are now a hugely significant force on the Eastern European music scene.