We welcome Intergroove Digital


Intergroove Media GmbH, founded in 1995 and based in Offenbach am Main, is one of the leading independent media distributions. Intergroove provides manufacturing and distribution of CD/DVD, BluRay and Vinyl for over 600 Labels and Publishers. In 2007 the company established “Intergroove Digital” to ensure the distribution and handling for the digital products of their partners. Right now the digital content includes about 15.000 Tracks from labels like: Die Opposition (Luxuslärm), Al Massiva (Massiv), Liberatio Music (F.R.E.I.), Cécille (Nick Curly), 8BIT (Gorge) and much more… We´re proud of to announce, that from April 2013 Intergroove Digital will use our technical system (digital service provider) to distribute all digital new releases as well as the back-catalogue.