"Žagar - Light Leaks" entered # 1 @ the iTunes album charts in Hungary


The brand new album “Light Leaks” from Mole Listening Pearls artist “Zagar” entered directly position # 1 at the iTunes album charts in Hungary. The album reached the pole position in less than 6 hours after its official release! Furthermore the album track “Mr. Lugosi” entered the top 10 of the Hungarian iTunes single charts at position #5.Žagar are a five piece psychedelic electronica band based in Budapest that are turning heads across the globe with their forward thinking sound design, catchy melodies and multi sensory live shows. The talented band have already achieved strong critical acclaim, their last album “Cannot Walk, Fly Instead” was nominated twice for the regional award at the MTV Europe Music Awards and entered the Top Ten in the music charts. The album won numerous awards, including the prestigious Hungarian Record Industry’s Fonogram Award and hit single, ‘Wings of Love’ featuring Underground Divas, earned heavy radio play and secured the Number One spot for MTV’s Video Chart.


Žagar are also attracting fans overseas, their music has been sampled in both short and feature films, and was included in the soundtrack for popular American TV dramas, CSI:Miami and CSI:New York, reaching millions of viewers worldwide. Their new album “Light Leaks” explores expansive cinematic dreamscapes created with their perfect blend of cool guitar riffs, vintage synth sounds, psychedelic effects and Kraftwerk style vocoders.