Good music will never die! Rewashed is a deep view into the catalogue of Mole Listening Pearls. Selecting the finest Tracks, Sounds an Artist from the newsdesk and archives . Featuring hidden treasures from bestselling artists like Alphawezen, Naomi, Audio Lotion, nor elle or Märtini Brös. Also there will be find new milestones of modern lounge music from Schoeneich & Groon or Zagar. Time for Rewashed!

Gute Musik wird niemals schlecht. Rewashed ist ein tiefer Blick in den Katalog des Labels Mole Listening Pearls mit den besten Tracks vom Newsdesk und den Archiven. Das Album präsentiert versteckte Schätze der Szene Stars Alphawezen, Naomi, Audio Lotion, nor elle oder Märtini Brös. Auf dem Album befinden sich aber auch zukünftige Meilensteine der Lounge Music von Schöneiech & Groon oder Zagar. Zeit für ein Rewashed! Out now!


There’s no need to say thousands of words about Beroshima: Ulrich Schnauss earned worldwide respect for his electronica works while Frank Muller joined different projects as a producer and put his focus on his live performance and DJ works. This year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Beroshima project! In the 90s he was one of the protagonists of our scene and even today his drive is enormous. Thus the 5th album “Real To Reel” is now ready to rumble. The same-named title track is the perfect opening track with many strings and a lot of hard beats – just as we know it from Beroshima. While “A New Citizen” comes along quite deep, yet tidy pressure builds to the high speed, “Detroit Tragedy” is a tribute to the sound of America. “Hexaline” is almost a Trance track and “Unter Den Linden” has something very unique to itself as well. Maybe Beroshima’s favorite place in Berlin? Typical Beroshima sound is also available in “I Was Waiting For You” in form of plentiful beats and lots of effects, but also “Leytonstep” plays with plenty of hypnotic sounds. In all 9:26 minutes “Books For Mathew” is a real treat of electronics and “Highway One” closes the album very nicely. Beroshima remains a top producer, who always discovers new ideas even after all these years, tries them out and excites everyone.

In the last weeks, we expand our movie catalogue again with actors like Monica Belluci, Adriano Celentano, Rolf Zacher, Idris Elba, Claire Forlani, Martin Semmelrogge, Claude Oliver Rudolph, and Lauretta Masiero. Furthermore we start distributing also new documentaries f.e. an audiovisual travel guide about Greece.For more information, please visit our new distributed movie section.
The most successful series for runners will continue running with 4 hits and has established itself as a brand. Thousands of runners are now running with the Running Hits CDs. Running with 4 hits “Feel the running beats” we remain faithful to the electronic music. On CD 1, the title sequence is ascending by BPM (beats per minute). The first track has the lowest BPM and the music is always faster to the last song with most BPM. On Disc 2, Track 1 with CD are identical and playable throughout the duration of the game songs. The music is suitable for individual use or for download to the iPod. The song order is placed after ascending BPM (beats per minute). So both CDs can be used individually or for training depending on training type. Back on board is through TV, radio and print renowned personal trainer Dirk van der Klok. The Running Hits CDs are also perfect for any fitness training in the gym. The CD is being advertised on Sunshine Live Radio Group and with nearly 20 radio stations. The first three CDs Running sellers still sell well and Running Hits 2 is represented repeatedly in the Amazon Dance charts for over 212 days
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“All In My Head” is the debut single of singer, producer and songwriter Not Profane available on July 26, 2013 and it heralds the next step for the top music-YouTuber. The first accords of the self-written pop song already indicate the influence of Swedish songwriters like Max Martin and Dr. Luke. The blond surfer-like looking Not Profane is multi-talented. In addition to his vocal skills and writing his own songs, he also works as a producer and songwriter for other artists. Not Profane has collaborated with the creative minds behind acts like Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg and Ashley Tisdale. Moreover, he has charted in the Top 40 in several countries, including for his work with the Dutch teen star Jeronimo on his single “Somebody Who Loves Me”.During the current stage of his life he spends day and night at his studio, producing and pursuing his dream, while sleepless nights go past him, only one goal in sight – “making it” in this so competitive industry that has grown to be his love since age seventeen. He produces and manages the Bosnian artist “Caylana” and now dared to take a new step, determined to impress the world of pop, by singing his first original song “All In My Head”. Watch the full video on his Youtube Channel Not Profane and connect on Facebook.

Who of you still knows it The legendary track ‘Adventures of Dama’ by the Cybordelics For the fans of that classics and inquisitive people, who have not been part of the scene back in 1998, there is now good news. On Harthouse Mannheim a new edition of the track will be released on 15.09.2013 This project was founded back then with the three producers Daniel Varga, Milan Zemanec and Mike S. The latter is distinguished in this new version again and also responsible for the fresh sound. Mike S. conjures a melodically beautiful new version of the classic. Sound engineer Robert Babicz, however, makes the oldschool Techno roots revive and plays with plenty of beats and percussions, before initiating the duly melody theme. Probably the hardest version of ‘Adventures of Dama’ comes from none other than Techno master Alex Bau and bangs on almost eleven minutes right to the front. Those who prefer hip moving Tech-House, should check out the remix of Danito, because this has everything the genre promises, without any pigeonhole thinking. A true classic of Techno history shines in a new guise. Here, the style Techno shows all its magnificent colors and diversity. 15 year old sounds remixed and reinterpreted. Let’s hope that there will be another chapter of Cybordelics for the 30th anniversary. Pre Order your copy on deejay.de

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We´re proud to announce, that the new “sunshine live, Vol. 46″ compilation, which was released on Uptrax Records in cooperation with us on the 28th of June 2013 and digitally distributed via digedo, reached top-positions at the top download stores in Germany, for example: Sunshine live, Vol. 46 @ iTunes: # 12: Album Charts # 04: Dance Album Charts Sunshine live, Vol. 46 @ Musicload: # 06: Musicload Album Charts # 02: Musicload Dance Charts Sunshine live, Vol. 46 @ amazon.mp3: # 05: Top 100 mp3 Album Charts # 02: Top 100 mp3 Dance Electronic Album Charts Sunshine live, Vol. 46 @ Google play: # 08: Top 100 mp3 Album Charts

We´re proud to announce, that the new “sunshine live, Vol. 46″ compilation, which was released on Uptrax Records in cooperation with daredo music on the 28th of June 2013 and digitally distributed via digedo, reached top-positions at the top download stores in Germany, for example:Sunshine live, Vol. 46 @ iTunes:# 12: Album Charts# 04: Dance Album ChartsSunshine live, Vol. 46 @ Musicload:# 06: Musicload Album Charts# 02: Musicload Dance ChartsSunshine live, Vol. 46 @ amazon.mp3:# 05: Top 100 mp3 Album Charts# 02: Top 100 mp3 Dance Electronic Album ChartsSunshine live, Vol. 46 @ Google play:# 08: Top 100 mp3 Album Charts

DigedoNews-SSL46.jpgFurthermore, the sunshine live, Vol. 46 compilation (Uptrax Records) reached position #11 at the official German Media Control Compilation charts.Radio Sunshine live is the biggest electronic music radio station in Germany. Electronic music, 24 hours a day, which makes the program of Radio sunshine live unmistakable. You can listen to Radio Sunshine live via FM in Germany (Baden-Württemberg and parts of Hessen and Rheinland-Pfalz), in Berlin (Germany) also via DVB-T, in the German cable network, via satellite in Europe and worldwide via the Internet. Because of this, Radio Sunshine live is also one of the most important interfaces in the communication between producers, DJs, promoters and between the advertising industry.

DJ Rapture presents its 5th Single, after Ass N Titties, Fuck Shit, Ba Bam Bigelow & Turn Up comes Shake Dat! As usual, goes to the member of the Clubcrushers with top-class features such as YG, Milla & 2Eleven and presents a club sound in a class! With Shake Dat of course is required to shake that ass and this song also persuaded a that you can not sit still. This week, the single “DJ Rapture feat. YG, Milla & 2Eleven – Shake Dat” entered the top 5 position at the official German Black Charts (DBC).