We welcome Savor Music and Tonboutique Records


We´re proud to announce, that Savor Music and Tonboutique Records – two new high quality labels – joined digedo as their partner for digital distribution.Originating from Argentina, Savor Music is a multi-cultural project that aims at bringing out our favorites ‘flavors’ in sound. The leading forces behind the project are Cape and Jorge Savoretti, both natives of the city of Rosario. Savor Music stands for House, Techno, Deep House and is based in  Buenos Aires (Argentina).“Without music life would be a mistake” (Friedrich Nietzsche) –  “Music is the language of passion” (Richard Wagner) … these are only two of many reasons for the two masterminds behind Tonboutique Records Andreas Zawichowski (Andiz) and Magnus Nowotsch (Maxon), to decide bring a small, private label to life. It is about music, one of the main forces in the lives of the two guys from Münster (Germany). Danceable music from soft to hard, somewhere in the soundscapes from deep house, tech house and techno, it just needs to feel right right and produce the desired effect at the appropriate moment. Various artists as well as the two label heads themselves will perform their best musical output here.