Various Artists - Running Hits Vol. 04 (Uptrax)

The most successful series for runners will continue running with 4 hits and has established itself as a brand. Thousands of runners are now running with the Running Hits CDs. Running with 4 hits “Feel the running beats” we remain faithful to the electronic music. On CD 1, the title sequence is ascending by BPM (beats per minute). The first track has the lowest BPM and the music is always faster to the last song with most BPM. On Disc 2, Track 1 with CD are identical and playable throughout the duration of the game songs. The music is suitable for individual use or for download to the iPod. The song order is placed after ascending BPM (beats per minute). So both CDs can be used individually or for training depending on training type. Back on board is through TV, radio and print renowned personal trainer Dirk van der Klok. The Running Hits CDs are also perfect for any fitness training in the gym. The CD is being advertised on Sunshine Live Radio Group and with nearly 20 radio stations. The first three CDs Running sellers still sell well and Running Hits 2 is represented repeatedly in the Amazon Dance charts for over 212 days