We welcome Mischpoke, Endless and Agentenmusik


We´re proud to announce, that Mischpoke, Endless and Agentenmusik joined digedo as their partner for digital distribution. Mischpoke serves as label, booking agency and playground at once. While releasing different styles of electronic music it mainly provides a platform for the musical output of a few selected and befriended artists. Mischpoke means family! The focus of the musical output lies on House, Tech House, Techno and Minimal – but the label stays open-minded. The signed tracks distinguish themselves not through a limited genre but more through a solid portion of emotions. Emerging from Berlin’s Friedrichshain, the 2013 founded label Mischpoke will try to conquer the musical world with surprising and diverse musical creations – without losing sight of the dancefloor.
Endless is a record label devoid of classifications, free, a mother-ship on which everyone is welcome on board: new artists as well as better known artists. A platform where the only plan is to have no plan. Endless draws its inspiration from the experience of travel, something which is an integral part of what has become more of a lifestyle rather than a job in the traditional sense of the term. As Luca Bacchetti himself explains the concept of Endless: “I am a frequent traveller, mainly for business but also for pleasure. For anyone in my line of work travel is an unending source of inspiration. During all these years I’ve kept a special vision or dream to make come true at some point in the future. Something that could unite my passions for music and travel. In both cases there is always something new to discover: there are endless places to visit and endless music to listen to. Even though my work has taken me to many countries and places, I always have the feeling of not having seen anything yet, as if the infinite possibilities out there remain somehow out of reach. This also happens when I listen to music. On the one hand there is the feeling that a life is not enough for the real trip and on the other the wish to just stop everything and freeze the moment for ever with a picture. That moment is unique, and this is what gives rise to Endless.” 
Agentenmusik techno label from the Rhine-Main area, to be more specific: from Mannheim. Mannheim is Germany’s third techno capital, not only because of the annual “Time Warp” event and the radio station “sunshine live”. It is obvious that Mannheim is Techno. Who we are: The DJ duo “Klangagenten”, consisting of Tim Braun and Moritz Schattmann. What we want: We know from our own experience that the way from production to release can be tough. Agentenmusik wants to help and support you and your production all the way to the release of your work for a fair price.