The movie „Die Liebe und Viktor“ at Kino Orfeos Erben, Frankfurt (Germany)


„Die Liebe und Viktor“ shows the story of Don Quichot in Berlin today. Viktor, a somehow depressive nerd, and his best friend Otto are biking as Don Quichot and Sancho Panza through Prenzlauer Berg (Berlin). Their mission – to really show it the love. This low budget comedy will be shown at the cinema Orfeos Erben (Hamburger Allee 45, 60486 Frankfurt, Germany) on Sunday, 8th of September 2013, 5 pm. Patrick Banush is the director/writer of the movie and will promote “Die Liebe Und Viktor” as a “human trailer” hanging around the Orfeos Erben Cinema two days before the screening. Olso, Isaak Dentler, one of the leading actors of the movie „Die Liebe und Viktor“ will be around. At his side Rolf Zacher and Samuel Finzi who was staring in „Flemming“ (ZDF) and in both Till Schweiger’s „Kokowäh“ movies. The movie was produced outside of any sponsoring or TV-Stations.  It played successfully for more than a year in smaller movie theatres in Berlin. Only Isaak Dentler himself did not make it to a public viewing. This will be done now with the Frankfurt opening. Also attending will be the author and director, Patric Banush. The success of the movie in Berlin was based on Guerilla-Marketing- according to Banush. He will try this strategy as well in Frankfurt.For more information about the movie, please visit: | Location: