Zagar - Space Medusa - The Official Video Premiere! (Mole Listening Pearls)


The first official music video for Zagar’s latest album, Light Leaks, is out now. The video, inspired by 70’s sci-fi movies, was directed by the Hungarian-Russian filmmaker Danila Kostil (Kinopravda). The shooting location was a saltmine and stalactite cave in Cardona, near Barcelona. The mockups were shot in a studio with the help of an Argentinean and Catalan team. The video was made possible by a successful crowdfunding campaign where fans raised over 4000 euros. “We wanted to picture an ethernal, dramatic world with the emblematic analogue technique of the 70’s sci-fi movies. The inspiration was Tarkovsky’s famous movie, Solaris. The video features the Spanish Edu Evia the American Amanda Goldsmith and my daughter Liza Zsager, who appears on the album cover of Light Leaks also – said Balazs Zsager, leader of Zagar. The single which has already been played on BBC was released along with six fresh remixes by Hungarian cutting edge music producers by the German record label Mole Listening Pearls. Watch the Video here Space Medusa