Various Artists - sunshine live Mix Mission 2013 (Uptrax)

Mix Mission 2013

The year is going to its end.. but wait! We still have a very special mission to complete! The Mix Mission 2013 – starting on December 23rd 2013 at 6pm, the yearly Mix Mission will last for 10 whole days on Germany’s No.1 electronic music radio sunshine live. This means in concrete terms: 246 Hours of nonstop live mixes from A-Class Top DJs as well as newcomers and regional scene heroes – live and direct, without a break from the broadcasting studio in Mannheim, but also from the hottest club and event spots of sunshine live’s transmission area! And for completing the mission, a brand new mixed double album will be released this year again: 2 exclusive DJ mixes including the hottest tracks of the Mix Mission 2013! Compiled and mixed by sunshine live DJs Chico Chiquita and DJ Falk. Mix Mission 2013 – the year will be HOT once again! Available Formats CD