Naomi - Pappelallee (10th Anniversary Edition)

Part 02

Naomi Classic “Pappelallee” celebrates 10th Birthday on February 23rd. On their second album „Pappelallee“ Berlin duo Naomi (Bernd Lechler and Nico Tobias) have delivered in 2004 personal and charming songs situated somewhere between pop and sophisticated electronic music. The warm and touching sound nests pleasantly in auditory canals making the album feel familiar even at first listening. When diving deeper into Naomi’s universe you soon discover a great variety of influences and contrasting elements. The songs are intense, the arrangement is compact and the sound distinctive. „Pappelallee“ is sometimes bizarre but always catchy, profound but highly accessible, melancholic but consoling. Plus, the moving Electropop jewel „King Kong Is Not Dead“ comes as an extra feelgood song. On Februray 24th, 2014 Pappelallee will be re-released as a remastered 10th Anniversary Edition ! Stay tuned.