Superluminal - Pacifica LP Teaser (Mole Listening Pearls)

Mole Listening Pearls welcome a brand new signing. Superluminal – a production trio from Warsaw, Poland, formed in 2011. Superluminal performs electronic music, saturated with colour, teeming with expression, resonating with dynamics, luxuriant in depth and full of other relevant nerdy scientific verbal equations. Electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force and gravity — these are the four main forces governing the stability of our reality. Just like the perfect balance of melody, harmony and rhythm render absolute music. Superluminal strives to find this balance and exceed the established criteria of electronic music production with no compromises, encompassing influences from jazz, rock, soul, modernism, film, photography and graphical art. Superluminal is not afraid to play its music live — with almost infinite amount of cables connecting synthesizers, laptops, midi controllers, microphones, guitars and saxophones, in a seemingly chaotic fashion. Superluminal is – coherence, manipulation and reason. The first single “Make it Better” will be released in March, the album “Pacifica” will follow in spring 2014 on Mole Listening Pearls.