"Wishbone Ash - Blue Horizon" entered the official German Media Control album charts @ position # 74


Wishbone Ash are a British rock band who achieved success in the early and mid of the 1970s. Their popular records included „Wishbone Ash“, „Pilgrimage“, „Argus“, „There’s the Rub“ and „New England“. They were one of the first bands to use twin lead guitars. Wishbone Ash are considered to be one of the major innovators of the harmony twin lead guitar format. Their contributions also helped Andy Powell and Ted Turner to be voted <„i>Two of the Ten Most Important Guitarists in Rock History“ at the „Traffic magazine“, and to appear in the “Top 20 Guitarists Of All Time” at „Rolling Stone“. Melody Maker described Powell and Turner as “the most interesting two guitar team since the days when Beck and Page graced The Yardbirds”.We´re proud to announce, that Wishbone Ash with its band members Andy Powell, Bob Skeat, Muddy Manninen and Joe Crabtree entered the official German Media Control album charts on position #74 with their brand new 24th studio album called “Blue Horizon”.