Mole Listening Pearls welcomes Mourah

Mole Listening Pearls welcomes new-signed-artist Mourah. His first single Sublime (nominated for the 2014 IPMA Casal Garcia People’s Choice award) will be released On March, 21st on Mole. Mourah is the son of two music-loving parents and was born in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, in the heat of summer. At the age of five he joined his parents in Geneva, Switzerland, where they had emigrated two years earlier. Brought up on jazz and classical music, instruments, notes and melody, became a deeply influential part of his world from early childhood. At the age of ten he attended his first music classes at the conservatoire, where it was soon clear he would be one to follow autodidact path. His debut album was released in Portugal (2005). The album was praised by critics and considered to be one of the best of the year. In late 2011 he began to develop his ideas on the forthcoming album Kardia. It is expected to be released in the end of 2014 on Mole Listening Pearls.